Baby Wet Wipes Baby Wet Wipes
Baby Wet Wipes Baby Wet Wipes
Baby Wet Wipes Baby Wet Wipes
Baby Wet Wipes Baby Wet Wipes
Baby Wet Wipes Baby Wet Wipes
Baby Wet Wipes Baby Wet Wipes

Baby Wet Wipes

$ 65 / Carton
5 15 Reviews

12 Bags/Carton:
Product Description

Product name:Baby Wipes
Product specifications:(165mm*120mm)*80PCS
Ingredients:RO pure water,moisturizing factor,bacteriostatic essence,etc.

Scope of application:It is suitable for cleaning baby’s hands,corners of mouth,baby’s tableware,toys,etc.and can also be used by adults.
Shelf life:2 years
Product Features:High quality spunlaced non-woven fabric,free of alcohol and essence,moistens baby’s tender skin and effectively prevents redness of baby’s buttocks.Can replace water and towels,help baby clean face,hands and required cleaning parts anytime and anywhere.


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 5 / 5

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5    soft, durable, and smell fresh

 Jack.Loiuis   2022-09-04

They're soft, durable, and smell fresh, but not overwhelming by any means. They travel well as long as you store them in a cool place and are easy to distribute from their individual packs

5    perfect secret companion

 GiGi.l   2022-09-04

These wipes are your perfect secret companion when you need to freshen up on a hot, humid day or when nature beckons and you just need to get out.

5    convenient.

 Dudu.F   2022-09-04

Very practical and convenient. Don't leave the house without these things, also always have some in your car...until you know you wish you had them.

5    simple

 standard   2022-09-04

I also use it on my neck and arms in the summer when I'm sweating in the hot Georgia weather and it's great for travel and full body. I will use this forever.

5    ohh

 Alice    2022-09-04

I really like these wipes. good moisture. No offensive smell. Had no problem pulling them out (except the first few), will buy again.

5    Buy it please

 Tina .cc   2022-09-04

Wipes are exactly as described. It's a refreshing scent and these are affordable for the amount you get

5    Fresh

 Lukas.Shelly   2022-09-03

This is my first time using these wipes. I don't use toilet paper anymore, I wanted to try this pack because the price is great, but when I received and opened it, the smell was so clean and made me feel so clean and fresh.

5    Smell nice

 Kally.Icy   2022-09-03

Smells a bit like a mix of clean linen and bubbles. Not sure how to really explain the smell, but you will love it.

5    Hello

 Hellen.M   2022-09-02

Just what we need. Great for road trips and work.

5    Affordable.

 Zara.Elice   2022-09-01

Affordable. Clean wipes actually fit the bill. They have a fresh and clean scent, which translates to fresh and clean. They cover a large area...
Bamboo toilet paper in Lovely Poo Poo is made from 100% bamboo pulp.

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