Edible natural bamboo toilet paper

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Edible natural bamboo toilet paper

  • Bacteriostatic natural bamboo toilet paper

  • Unbleached natural bamboo toilet paper

  • Natural bamboo toilet paper with excellent practicability

  • Zero plastic natural bamboo toilet paper

Wipe your mouth, your hands, your face. 
We are in close contact with toilet paper every day, but we know very little about it.

Bacteriostatic natural bamboo toilet paper 

A safe tissue is not only for your own health, but also for your family. 
Natural bamboo toilet paper, a tissue that is safe enough to "eat". A good piece of toilet paper first throws other people several streets from the raw materials.Lovely Poo poo bamboo toilet paper is made of bamboo, bamboo is not perishable in nature, there are few moths.And the bamboo quinone contained in it has natural bacteriostatic effect and can resist pathogenic bacteria. This is why panda cubs rarely get sick, and it is also one of the reasons why lovely Poo poo bamboo toilet paper has a long shelf life. 

unbleached natural bamboo toilet paper

 In the production process of lovely Poo poo bamboo toilet paper, the natural color of bamboo pulp is retained without bleaching and fluorescent whitening agent. It is safe and assured that it can be used to wrap food directly. Selected ecological high-quality bamboo, after high-temperature and high-pressure cooking, multiple screening processes, the final paper, almost no impurities. 

Natural bamboo toilet paper with excellent practicability 

In addition to safety, the most important thing is that a good tissue is easy to use.Lovely Poo poo bamboo toilet paper in terms of practical performance, bamboo paper towels are easier to use than ordinary paper towels. Bamboo fiber belongs to medium-long fiber, and the paper towels made are soft and powerful. Wiping hands, face and fruit are not easy to break. It feels soft and smooth and is very suitable for women and babies. Lovely Poo poo bamboo toilet paper is also very absorbent, just like a small sponge, gently wipe away all the liquid.Moreover, it can also absorb oil, or use it to remove makeup. 

Zero plastic natural bamboo toilet paper 

All our products are packaged separately, and there are many lovely wrappers designed for natural bamboo toilet paper.
You can open the box like a blind man every time. Apart from the Packers, no one knows what kind of lovely wrapping paper is inside! 
The pollution of plastics to nature can not be underestimated. Our lovely Poo poo bamboo toilet paper brand ensures that plastic-free packaging is used. We pack your products in recyclable cartons and use paper tape. You can completely recycle the packaged boxes and bamboo cores. 
To buy lovely Poo poo bamboo toilet paper is to participate in protecting the earth!

Bamboo toilet paper in Lovely Poo Poo is made from 100% bamboo pulp.

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