Fragrance and Candles Fragrance and Candles
Fragrance and Candles Fragrance and Candles
Fragrance and Candles Fragrance and Candles
Fragrance and Candles Fragrance and Candles
Fragrance and Candles Fragrance and Candles
Fragrance and Candles Fragrance and Candles

Fragrance and Candles

$ 88 / Set
5 16 Reviews

Product Description

Product name: Fragrance and Candles

Product specifications: Candles 200g*2 , Fragrance 12ml*1

Scent: English Pears & Freesias

Fragrance: Floral and Fruity

Ingredients: Soy Wax , Essential Oil

Shape: Cupped , Bottle

Shell material: Glass

Scope of application: Bathroom , Bedroom , Living Room
Shelf life: 3 years
Product Features: Essential Oil Fragrance , Recyclable , Smoothe the nerves and sleep , Long lasting fragrance , Burn without smoke .


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 5 / 5

 16  Comment

5    so longer

 Eilice.M   2022-09-04

Light this candle for 15 minutes and the house is filled with fresh smells

5    great

 Jonny.J   2022-09-04

I love it very much

5    Smell great

 rayon   2022-09-04

Smell the rich scent when lit and make the whole room smell good! While the price is pretty high considering the small size, definitely something I might consider buying again in the future - the candles I bought are far from burnt!

5    smell great

 Queen   2022-09-04

This one smells different than I expected. Not bad, just lighter. Gives a light bouquet of fragrance

5    Buy it

 Wendy.du   2022-09-04

The candles are intact and well packaged. The smell covers a large area, like a perfume


 SELINA   2022-09-03

When I changed my bedroom and master bath colors from brown to white. I had a hard time finding candles that would fit into my three candle holders. I spent way too much gas going to all the local stores that I thought would have something like this in stock, but nobody did. Not even close. First I ordered the product , but they were just too light. I returned them and bought these to replace them, and the color is PERFECT! They are the standard size as stated, and they have a linen look to them, which makes them look high end and sleek. I love them! Thank you,Lovelypoopoo.

5    Fragrance

 selinda   2022-09-02

So a refreshing and pleasant scent, this candle, highly recommended to you guys, it will complement your living or work are very nice


 Vivian   2022-09-02

T he smell is very sweet and fun, it's a lovely scent. So far, I like the power; it smells natural and fills the room. Beneath the sweet notes of candy, there is a wonderful scent of beach and ocean that adds depth. I just wish it wasn't so sweet. I don't like my bedroom: I'm trying to put it in the living room.

5    Yeah . Good Products .

 Bethlanee McNamee   2022-09-02

If you use them regularly, it's a great treat for yourself, or a great gift.

5    Smell Great

 Lydia Ma   2022-09-02

Overall, I love candles. Well packaged, perfect for gift giving. Inside the box, the candles are well protected with foam to prevent shattering. These scents are unique on their own, but don't penetrate large areas, so are best used primarily in single rooms. Wax is absolutely durable.
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