Lovely Poo Poo

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Lovely Poo Poo

Hi guys, my name is Lovely Poo Poo

Recently, we have received many negative comments about my name. We think it is time to tell you guys this story about how we got our name “Lovely Poo Poo”.

Where is “Lovely Poo Poo” from?

It’s from our creative director’s head. He is a huge fan of YouTube and is especially interested in the topic “baby”. At the very beginning of this bamboo toilet paper business, he was so struggling to come up with our name. One day, when he was watching YouTube, the algorithm recommended him a video of Trav and Cro. He watched this super popular (at that time) # PooPoo Dance.



The “AHA” moment pops up in his head and decided “Yes, let’s use this word – Poo Poo! Our customers can do poo poo dance with our bamboo toilet paper!” But then he felt, yea, probably “poo poo” is too straightforward, and it is mainly used by lovely little kids, so let’s call it “Lovely Poo Poo”. There are different layers of meanings in this name:

1.Wish people can always have a wonderful (lovely) poo poo experience.

2.Toilet paper is a necessity whenever they go to the toilet. When they go to the toilet, wish people can remember our bamboo toilet paper brand: Lovely Poo Poo.

3.“Poo Poo” is mainly used by little kids, we also try to convey the information that no matter how old you are, please maintain childlike innocence, and Live Young.

4.Little kids also mean SIMPLE. It is exactly like the description of ingredients in making our bamboo toilet paper – simple. Tree-free, fragrance-free, BPA-free, formaldehyde-free, chlorine-free, chemicals-free, 100% bamboo.

Persuading the boss

When he told our boss this name at first, our boss didn’t like it at all and felt it is not appropriate. But he used 2 days to explain to our boss where this name is from, how impressive it can be, and the deep meaning of Lovely Poo Poo that he tries to present AND he guaranteed that people will understand our name and they will definitely love it. Finally, our boss said yes and used this name to start the whole business.

It does become very impressive…

Unfortunately, with more people knowing us, we received more and more negative comments about our name. It is more obvious that people don’t really get the deeper meaning of our name and they don’t accept that (but it is really impressive). Our boss kicked our creative director a** (but don't worry it's not painful) and he started to realize people really can’t understand his talent. But because we have contributed a lot to this name of the brand. So we have to accept it. Now we are thinking when people see our name, they will feel ''whattt??', then they probably will go to our website to see who we are and why this name is due to their curiosity. But we actually are devoting ourselves to making the best products, so when they see our website, they will feel "hmm, these products look not bad!", then they probably would like to try and then just click the add to the cart button and pay! Finally, they will have a splendid purchasing experience with us!

Yea that's just speculation. Hopefully, it will work.

Bamboo toilet paper in Lovely Poo Poo is made from 100% bamboo pulp.

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