Premium Bamboo Fiber Bath Towel Premium Bamboo Fiber Bath Towel
Premium Bamboo Fiber Bath Towel Premium Bamboo Fiber Bath Towel
Premium Bamboo Fiber Bath Towel Premium Bamboo Fiber Bath Towel
Premium Bamboo Fiber Bath Towel Premium Bamboo Fiber Bath Towel
Premium Bamboo Fiber Bath Towel Premium Bamboo Fiber Bath Towel
Premium Bamboo Fiber Bath Towel Premium Bamboo Fiber Bath Towel

Premium Bamboo Fiber Bath Towel

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Why are bamboo fiber bath towels more eco-friendly?

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on the planet, with some species that can grow up to 35 inches per day and up to 60 feet high within 90 days. Even though they are as tall as many trees, they do not belong to that group of plants, as they are actually part of the grass family. Bamboo is often considered to be one of the most renewable and sustainable resources in the world.


Bamboo fiber is smooth, non-irritating, and softer than the softest cotton. It makes the most gentle towels and faces clothes that are marvelous for sensitive skin. Bamboo fiber is extremely absorbent and as soft as cashmere. Natural Bamboo fiber has amazing qualities including a unique agent called “bamboo quinone” which makes your Bamboo which makes your Bamboo towels stay fresh and odor free between washes.


No matter how tired and stressful you may feel, there is nothing more relaxing than having a bath. After a bath, you always need to use a bath towel to cover yourself and gently get rid of the wetness. That is why Lovely Poo Poo brings you this Set Of 3 Beautiful & Unique Bath Towels. A family-friendly package set!

With the measurement of 140cm by 70 cm, these bath towels would be the ideal choice for you to wrap yourself in luxury with this. Made of organic bamboo, these bath towels are very soft and you need not worry about any scratches that might occur on your skin. Organic bamboo ensures that these towels are hypoallergenic, more durable & absorbent than cotton towels. Some of the overflowing benefits that you would get by using these organic bath towels are 1. So large with the measurement of 140 cm by 70 cm, even a mountain could be wrapped…almost. 2. Hypoallergenic, anti-fungal, uniquely lightweight & extremely soft. Will eliminate any chances of the formation of mildew. 3. Bamboo is known to get softer after each wash, making these the softest towels you would find on earth.



Designed to be extra absorbent and fast drying, our silky smooth bamboo towels will be your favorite after a bath or shower. In fact, they are known for absorbing up to 3-4 times as much water as regular towels due to their hygroscopic nature and internal hollow fiber structure.


Bamboo has natural antimicrobial qualities, which makes our towels hygienically superior for sensitive skin and allergies. Because of these properties, they resist fungus, even in humid environments. Hygienically ideal, our towels are skillfully crafted for daily use. Odor control through the natural anti-bacterial property of bamboo even after multiple days of use.


These organic Bamboo Bath Towels from Lovely Poo Poo are so large and thick measuring 140 cm by 70 cm making this an ideal choice to wrap yourself with this. A set of 3 is more suitable for family use.


Extremely soft material that we make sure the blanket won't shed at all and after a wash will be plusher and easy to snuggle, meanwhile, you also can use it as a baby swaddle blanket, stroller cover, crib blanket, and other situation and it is all seasons.

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 5 / 5

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5    I'd give these 6 stars!

 MELIKE   2022-09-02

I spent legit 2 weeks researching and deciding on towels. I needed 12. I finally decided on these guys and let me tell you... WOW! The SOFTEST towels you'll ever find. They are big enough to be a bath towel, absorbs like a towel should. 100% recommend

5    Great towels!

 Angie Brady-Daniels   2022-09-02

These towels are not only pretty but they are very nice. They are soft, absorbent and hold up well.

5    So soft

 CS   2022-09-02

So impressed they are made from bamboo. Super soft feel and you don't have that chemical smell with new towels. Everyone, go green

5    So love these towels!

 Hriieca   2022-09-01

I’m so impressed with the softness and absorbency of these towels. Lightweight as well which I need. I didn’t add any fabric softener and it’s still so soft. Highly recommended! Will buy this set again.

5    WOW! Highly recommended bath towels!!!

 kitten   2022-09-01

After reading the reviews, I took a chance on these super thin towels. I'm so so so glad I did! These towels are the best! Very thin and lightweight, but don't let that fool you. These towels are the softest and most absorbent towels I have ever used! I will be buying more and if they have hand towels, I'm getting some of those too!

5    Very nice towels

 Scot L   2022-09-01

We have only had these towels for a short time but so far they are great. They are much lighter than our previous towels but because they are so absorbent and soft we don't miss the thicker, heavier towels at all. Because these towels are lighter we will be replacing our current towels in our trailer with these. They will take up less room and will still be very comfortable. Durability is unknown at this point but we have high hopes for them.

5    Love these towels

 Lia D.   2022-09-01

They are super soft and the different blue colors are so nice

5    Buying more, love these towels

 Victoria   2022-09-01

I absolutely love the quality of these towels. Fluffy, soft and very absorbent. I will be buying more!

5    Great buy

 becca   2022-09-01

Really soft, super absorbent and looks great

5    Great towels

 frank   2022-09-01

Soft and absorbent. Seems to be holding up just fine. I bought the dark grey ones. No color bleed in wash
Bamboo toilet paper in Lovely Poo Poo is made from 100% bamboo pulp.

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