$ 40  -  66 / Box

370 Sheets/Roll of 3-Ply Premium Tree-free Mega Roll.

(As low as $0.004 per sheet)

Ultra Soft
Embossed for that extra 
Premium Bamboo
Made of FSC certificate 
premium bamboo fiber
Fragrance free
No Ink, No dyes, and no BPA. 
Perfect for sensitive skin
No Butt Crumble
3-Ply & 2x absorption. 
Does NOT rip or crumble in use.
100% Septic Safe
Septic safe with plastic-free 
Wrapped with bamboo paper, 
Plastic free packaging
Better for You,
Better for the earth 
Believe it or not, 20 Million Trees are cut down every year just to wipe, which accounts for around 20% of global deforestation.
Reach Harvest Faster & More Sustainable
Bamboo reaches harvest maturity in 3 years, while it can take 50 years or more for A Tree
Generates Less Green House Emissions
Bamboo Generates 30% Less Green Gass Emissions than Trees
Uses Less Water to Grow
Bamboo Use 30% Less Water to grow than Trees
Generates More Oxygen
Bamboo emits 35% More Oxygen than Trees
Why People Love
Lovely Poo Poo
Best Quality with Best Value. They are Zero Wasted, Sustainable, Soft, Septic Safe, 3-Ply Strong, and naturally hypoallergenic, making our 3-ply toilet paper safe for sensitive skin and made without inks or dyes that can irritate delicate skin.​​​​​​​
3-Ply Ultra Soft yet leaves no crumble​​​​​​​
Each sheet has 3 layers that are made from 100% natural & premium bamboo fiber, along with the classic dots pattern together which grants each sheet extra softness and strength.
Zero Waste & Sustainable​​​​​​​
We use FSC-certified Bamboo Only. Bamboo reaches harvest maturity in 3 years, while it can take 50 years or more for a Tree. Comparing to trees, Bamboo generates 30% Less Green Gass Emissions, use 30% Less Water to grow and 3emits 35% More Oxygen.​​​​​​​
Septic Safe and Biodegradable​​​​​​​
Unlike other regular bamboo toilet paper, Lovely Poo Poo bamboo TP is made of 100% premium bamboo fiber and will dissolve in water immediately in the drain​​​​​​​.
Cute Plastic-free Packaging​​​​​​​
Each roll is individually wrapped in bamboo paper using naturally occurring colors that will look great as a little pyramid in your bathroom, kitchen, and home. And all packages are plastic-free, even the tape!​​​​​​​
Every Purchase Goes a Long Way​​​​​
We care for the planet the same as we care for your bum. We give back and make a monthly donation to World Wildlife Fund, Inc. (WWF-US) with each purchase you made with us. And we are glad to have you together building a future in which people live in harmony with nature.
Loved By Hundreds of Families
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Maybe You Are Wondering 

  • It's from our creative director's head. He is a huge fan of YouTube and is especially interested in the topic "baby". One day, when he was watching YouTube, the algorithm recommended him a video of Trav and Cro. He watched this super popular (at that time) # PooPoo Dance. The “AHA” moment pops up in his head and decided “Yes, let's use this word – Poo Poo! Our customers can do poo poo dance with our bamboo toilet paper!” But then he felt, yea, probably "poo poo" is too straightforward, and it is mainly used by lovely little kids, so let’s call it “Lovely Poo Poo".There are different layers of meanings in this name:
    1. Wish people can always have a wonderful (lovely) poo poo experience.
    2. Toilet paper is a necessity whenever they go to the toilet. When they go to the toilet, wish people can remember our bamboo toilet paper brand: Lovely Poo Poo.
    3.“Poo Poo” is mainly used by little kids, we also try to convey the information that no matter how old you are, please maintain childlike innocence, and Live Young.
    4. Little kids also mean SIMPLE. It is exactly like the description of ingredients in making our bamboo toilet paper – simple. Tree-free, fragrance-free, BPA-free, formaldehyde-free, chlorine-free, chemicals-free, 100% bamboo.
  • Nope! The production process of bamboo toilet paper is more complicated than that of ordinary wood pulp toilet paper, So the production cost is slightly higher. 

    But in fact, Most TP brands measure by cost per roll (not per sheet), so they can make single-length rolls with fewer sheets. Because we make double-length rolls (370 sheets) our toilet paper may seem a bit more expensive; but our Premium 100% Bamboo Toilet Paper costs as low as 0.4$ per 100 sheets (for a 24/48 pack), making us on par (if not more affordable) than the TP you’d find at the supermarket.
    Moreover, our bamboo paper is cheaper than other brands of bamboo toilet paper on the market. While bringing economic benefits, we are also committed to protecting the global environment.

  • Our bamboo toilet paper is improved on the basis of research on other brands of bamboo toilet paper. Lovely Poo Poo bamboo paper is very very soft. While maintaining softness, it is also very strong, the 3-ply design will not break into pieces when you use it. You can try it out. We care about the earth, more about your butt.

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Customer Review

 5 based

Absorbingly Strong! 5

 James Natalie 

The Lovely Poo Poo Bamboo Toilet Paper is absorbingly strong and soft enough for probably the most sensitive types. It is skin-friendly. I would like to see lower pricing per roll.

Great Bamboo TP 5

 Peggy Poindexter 

It is really better than I expected. It is not as soft or as thick as Charmin, but it does the job. It seems to be stronger than Charmin too.

Sustainable 5

 Margaret Mallon 

Not very very very soft, but it is very sturdy and doesn't shred when you use it

Best Toilet Paper! 5

 John Hagner 

Couldn’t find the bamboo toilet paper I had been ordering and went to this web and ordered this product. Way superior over the bamboo tp I had liked. Company, and family were pleasantly surprised that it was bamboo. Will be ordering this high-quality toilet paper exclusively from now on. The individual wrapping is also a nice touch.

Soft and great for environment 5

 melissa cutrer 

This bamboo TP is wrapped in paper and better for the environment, and is soft, and doesn’t break apart easily.

Soft 5

 Darlene Flood 

Very soft for environmentally improved toilet paper. I will definitely purchase again.

Very Soft! 5

 Kurt Heine 

Very soft for environmentally improved toilet paper. I will definitely purchase again.

Better for earth! 5


Highly recommend. Great quality and caring for the environment.NO PLASTIC and NO TREES

No trees cut down! 5

 Misti Dragano 

Purchased this because it doesn’t involve cutting trees to make. It does what it is purposed to do. Very eco.

Eco-friendly TP! 5

 Michael Koller 

I am an environmentalist so I appreciate the real eco friendly products like this. I have a massive following so I would love to recommend this product. For eco friendliness is right on, now just green washed as many products are.

My Review