September 09, 2022

Environmental awareness will eventually be implemented into the details of our lives.It is undeniable that it is not easy for anyone to break out of the "comfort zone" of life and say goodbye to long-term habits, but only by taking a step forward can we see further scenery. People always yearn for a

August 31, 2022

Wearing a unique furry coat in black and white check, distinguished black eye patches around their big round eyes, snub nose, chubby body with a large head… Bet you can guess what it is based on this description. Yes, it’s a panda! Who won’t love it? Once you see the photo of these cute, hilarious c

July 27, 2022

Look at the impurity structure on the surface of the bamboo toilet paperLook at the stretch of bamboo toilet paperLook at the color of the ashes from burning bamboo toilet paperNowadays, there are more and more kinds of daily necessities on the market. Every time I go to the supermarket, I feel dazz

June 29, 2022

Toilet paper made of lovely poo poo bamboo is safe and healthy. So do you know who invented bamboo paper in ancient times? Now, take a look at the lovely poo poo.According to records, the use of bamboo paper was invented in the Tang dynasty, the specific who can not be verified, and more than a thou

May 12, 2022

It takes roughly 100 Years to grow to the maturity level required for high-quality virgin toilet paper. It will only take 2 months to 2 years for bamboo to be mature. The good side is bamboo is a sort of grass. That means it not only grows quickly, but also regenerates by itself, avoiding replanting

May 08, 2022

Deforestation crisis,Air pollution,Ozone Depletion,Loss of biodiversity,Climate change,Global warming…… Our planet, the only earth, is facing a massive environmental crisis. According to United Nations, to continue our existing way of life, we need the equivalent of 1.6 Earths, yet ecosystems can't

April 18, 2022

Pole of bambooSheath of bambooBranch of bambooFruit of bambooUnlike ordinary trees, bamboo is a grass and a sustainable growing resource. Bamboo has a growth cycle of about three to four months, while a tree takes at least a few decades to grow. This article will describe bamboo in detail, and I bel

April 12, 2022

First of all, to those who want to buy RV toilet paper, I want to say: “Don’t Buy It!!!”. In this article, I will tell you the truth of RV toilet paper. When you finish reading it, you can then decide whether you should buy it on earth. To those who don’t know much about RV toilet paper, this artic

March 09, 2022

Culture comes from bambooPlant bamboo Cut bamboo and prepare materialswash and screen the slicesextrusion cookingCopy the pulp boardCut the packagelife valueCulture comes from bambooWhen you touch a silky, soft, comfortable and healthy piece of bamboo toilet paper, do you think of its birth process?

February 07, 2022

Bamboo Toilet PaperHow is bamboo toilet paper made?Features Of Bamboo Toilet PaperWith the development of environmental protection, sustainability and innovative technology, bamboo toilet paper Has gradually become mainstream. People will have many questions: What is Bamboo Toilet Tissue? How is it

February 01, 2022

The softness of bamboo toilet paperBamboo TP is the most environmentally friendly toilet paperBamboo toilet paper is absorbentHave you ever heard that bamboo paper towels have natural antibacterial, Absorbent, Durable, Soft, Good for the Environment characteristics?Now let's listen to the comments o

January 03, 2022

Is Someone In Your Household Using Too Much Toilet Paper? Find Out Now!Average Toilet Paper StatisticsToilet paper is the most used household item in any household. According to the National Association of County and City Health Officials, Americans used an average of 68.4 sheets per day in 2011. In

December 21, 2021

Best bamboo toilet paperBamboo toilet paper opens the door of loveFall in love with bamboo toilet paperFound the best bamboo toilet paperbest bamboo toilet paperlovely poo poo bamboo toilet paper will not only bring convenience to your life, but also make your life full of love. This is the best bam

Bamboo toilet paper in Lovely Poo Poo is made from 100% bamboo pulp.

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