August 08, 2022

How to choose paper products to protect forestsEco toilet paper in a black wooden boxEnvironmental TrapAfter useRecycled toilet paperBisphenol A ContaminationPre-consumption and post-consumption recycling contentBe careful with the BleachWhich is better?About Lovely Poo PooExperts need not be aware

August 01, 2022

The difference between toilet paper and tissue paperBiodegradable bamboo toilet paperIs the bamboo toilet paper septic tank safe? Bamboo fiber toilet paper can be thrown directly into the toilet.So septic tanks are safe.The difference between toilet paper and tissue paperToilet paper is mostly roll

May 24, 2022

The dark side of toilet paperBamboo Toilet paperBamboo is renewable and easy to growSoil and water loss in bamboo plantingForests can reduce climate crisisBamboo toilet paper can reduce the felling of treesAppeal to people to protect the environmentThe dark side of toilet paperToilet paper is a nece

May 19, 2022

Since the establishment of Lovely Poo Poo in 2021, we have got lots of support from our customers. We really appreciate it! We are really grateful to have all of us taking action together and saving the planet. In this journey, we also received many concerns, questions, and worries about ourselves.

May 12, 2022

It takes roughly 100 Years to grow to the maturity level required for high-quality virgin toilet paper. It will only take 2 months to 2 years for bamboo to be mature. The good side is bamboo is a sort of grass. That means it not only grows quickly, but also regenerates by itself, avoiding replanting

April 18, 2022

Pole of bambooSheath of bambooBranch of bambooFruit of bambooUnlike ordinary trees, bamboo is a grass and a sustainable growing resource. Bamboo has a growth cycle of about three to four months, while a tree takes at least a few decades to grow. This article will describe bamboo in detail, and I bel

April 12, 2022

First of all, to those who want to buy RV toilet paper, I want to say: “Don’t Buy It!!!”. In this article, I will tell you the truth of RV toilet paper. When you finish reading it, you can then decide whether you should buy it on earth. To those who don’t know much about RV toilet paper, this artic

February 28, 2022

Our bamboo toilet paper can quickly dissolveRaw materials for bamboo toilet paperGood bamboo toilet paper is very friendly to sensitive skinBamboo toilet paper with zero plastic packagingAmong the daily necessities, the fastest consumption should be paper towels. It fills all aspects of our lives-mo

January 27, 2022

Best bamboo paper products have soft materialsBamboo is renewable energyBamboo paper products are tough and tear resistantWith the development of mankind, people have found that wood pulp paper not only consumes a lot of wood, but also causes more and more serious environmental problems. Therefore,

January 19, 2022

Let the toilet paper fit tightlyIncrease the fluffy feel of toilet paperProtect the toilet paper from being squashedConclusionIf you look carefully, you will find that there are grains of patterns on the toilet paper that you must use every day.Have you ever wondered why? Is it just for beauty? In f

January 07, 2022

Softness of bamboo toilet paperBamboo toilet paper without chemicalsConclusionEveryone has many different choices when it comes to toilet paper, such as wood toilet paper, bamboo toilet paper or recycled toilet paper. If you're looking for a super-soft, eco-friendly toilet paper delivered to your do

January 05, 2022

Bamboo products, especially bamboo toilet paper, are a hot topic for environmental alternatives. Environmentally conscious consumers have many questions about this revolutionary product:Is bamboo toilet paper ecologically friendly?Is the bamboo toilet paper broken?Is the bamboo toilet paper septic t

January 03, 2022

Is Someone In Your Household Using Too Much Toilet Paper? Find Out Now!Average Toilet Paper StatisticsToilet paper is the most used household item in any household. According to the National Association of County and City Health Officials, Americans used an average of 68.4 sheets per day in 2011. In

December 01, 2021

Toilet paper roll craftsToilet paper roll becomes a storage boxToilet paper rolls used as decorationConclusionHave you ever wondered what to do with all these toilet paper tubes? There are a lot of ideas on how to reuse and recycle them in creativity, let's take a look.Toilet paper roll craftsThe si

Bamboo toilet paper in Lovely Poo Poo is made from 100% bamboo pulp.

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