Lovely Poo Poo Paper Bundle Lovely Poo Poo Paper Bundle
Lovely Poo Poo Paper Bundle Lovely Poo Poo Paper Bundle
Lovely Poo Poo Paper Bundle Lovely Poo Poo Paper Bundle
Lovely Poo Poo Paper Bundle Lovely Poo Poo Paper Bundle
Lovely Poo Poo Paper Bundle Lovely Poo Poo Paper Bundle

Lovely Poo Poo Paper Bundle

$ 66 / box
4.9 66 Reviews

  • FSC 100% Mixed Bamboo Products 30
  • Lovely Poo Poo

FSC 100% Mixed Bamboo Products 30

Product Description

Lovely Poo Poo Bamboo bundle includes: 

12 Toilet Paper

12 Tissues

6 Paper Towels



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 4.9 / 5

 66  Comment

4    Hmmmmm

 Susan Huck   2022-09-04

I really like the idea of using bamboo vs wood products, but I am afraid the product doesn't quite live up to the ad claims. To be fair, I have only used the TP so far, but it is not the soft, thick 3ply experience I had hoped for. More like an inexpensive scritchy TP disappointment. Maybe with time, I will get used to it, but for now...well, I hope my experience with the other products is more in line with my preconceived expectations.

5    Perfect for the environment!

 Lukene Fernandez   2022-09-03

I bought it because I want to try a sustainable product. This toilet paper roll, tissues, and towel is 100% bamboo! All is so so so soft! We are definitely ordering again.

5    Eco-friendly !

 Christian Ella   2022-09-02

I sooooo——love LOVELY POOPOO's bamboo products! Made of high-quality bamboo, tree-free, septic safe, no ink no dye, I have recommended it to other friends who are looking for ways to be kind to our environment without giving up comfort or quality.

5    Great Product!

 David Mia   2022-09-01

This is the best value mix set I've ever bought! Bamboo toilet paper is very soft, so skin-friendly, and feels great to use! The tissue packaging is very fashionable and the towel is very practical. My kitchen can't live without it now.

5    Dissolved in water!

 kaci williford   2022-09-01

I was pleasantly surprised to find that this bamboo toilet paper can be completely dissolved in water in a few seconds and washed away smoothly! This is great news for the dilapidated, narrow plumbing in my house.

5    Great Product!

 Elise   2022-08-31

Beautifully Packaged. Nice, Sturdy Paper Towel.The paper towel is all individually wrapped in clean, paper. It comes delivered in a nice big box, the inside of the box is a blue-gray color. It is a really nice presentation. I love that there is not any plastic involved. I love that it is tree-free paper, made from bamboo. It is very environmentally friendly.I am not sure of the process, but chlorine-free as well... fragrance-free (which is a must in our house. We are all chemically sensitive.

5    Great Product!

 J. Whitney   2022-08-30

Love this stuff! Tried a few different bamboo TP brands but this is definitely my favorite.

5    Month 3 & It’s All Good

 Toscia M   2022-08-29

Great. Easy to sign up, product arrived intact and delivered promptly. We previously used recycled bathroom paper and have no complaints about the transition to bamboo. Two adults that work from home and the 2-person subscription amount is on point. We will run out one week short of the new subscription delivery, but no prob. Close enough, a small grocery purchase and solved. Our tree paper use has been reduced and no closet accumulating lots of extra rolls.

5    Surprisingly Effective

 Rob Z.   2022-08-27

Using this paper isn’t just doing good for the planet, it turns out to be effective - tough enough not to shred, soft enough not to chafe. Single ply but adequate for the job. No hesitation switching to this product, it will do both you and the planet an important service.

5    Excellent in every way

 Jeff J.   2022-08-25

I've been using tree-free paper in the bathroom and kitchen for years. This was the first time I've tried Lovely Paper. It's a great product that addresses an important environmental topic to me - reducing the use of trees for paper.
Bamboo toilet paper in Lovely Poo Poo is made from 100% bamboo pulp.

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