Plastic-Free Packaging, Even the Tapes!

Tree-Free & Plastic Free

Traditional toilet paper is made from trees that are cut down in forests all over the world, which contributes to around 20% of global deforestation. Taking the fact that deforestation is one of a major contributors to climate change, people just never relate such a giant global issue to toilet paper that we purchase on a regular basis. By switching to bamboo, every purchase with us is a step to saving the future of our planet.

We are using plastic-free packaging, even the tapes!

Bamboo grows 10-20x faster than trees.

Why Bamboo

Bamboo grows up to 3 feet a day and it just shoot right back up when you cut it.
It is ultra renewable and an excellent sustainable alternative for paper.
Unleash Your Unique Style

Why Lovely poo poo

Bamboo benefits both you and the environment. With patented technology, you will find every roll of lovely poo poo: Super-Soft · Uniquely strong and dependable · Skin Friendly · Biodegradable · and Fragrance free. We will deliver your household paper to your front door. Shop with Poo Poo Regular* and experience an easier and eco-friendly lifestyle with Lovely Poo Poo.

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