“POOPOO INC. is more than a household essential company.

We care for you and we care for the future.

-- Steven Flannery

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Marcia Freed

It's strong, so I can use less of it at a time without fear of issues, and so far it's less prone to causing toilet drains to clog with old plumbing. The more renewable paper made of bamboo instead of trees is kind of a plus, if only abstractly from my perspective, though I don't know off the top of my head if the shipping from the source is any better than for wood-based toilet paper. Great product and will most certainly buy again.

-- 2022-04-01

Bruce Rabinowitz

The whole family has told me they are glad I found this brand. It's so much better than the last bamboo toilet paper we tried. It kind of reminds me of Cottonelle which is what I bought before I started buying tree-free paper products. I'm trying theLovelyPooPoo facial tissues next!

-- 2022-03-19

Jessica Rosenbarger

I was quite disappointed when some bamboo TP was unavailable, so I had to look at other options. I am completely happy with LovelyPooPoo and will stay with this brand now! One thing about bamboo TP is that it doesn't stick or cling to you! I also think it's hilarious that people think that regular TP is made from cotton!!!!!

-- 2022-04-05

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