Lovelypoopoo bamboo pulp toilet paper makes the earth more beautiful

Lovelypoopoo bamboo pulp toilet paper makes the earth more beautiful

When there are various styles and brands of natural-color paper towels made of bamboo pulp around you, you gradually start to recognize and use them. In fact, this change in itself has made a huge contribution to the environment. Not only that, From the perspective of the health of yourself and your family, it is also beneficial and harmless. More environmentally friendly and healthier tells the concept of paper use in the future.

Recently, it was discovered that POOPOO INC. Co., Ltd. launched a bamboo tissue called "Lovely Poo Poo" brand, which has slowly come to us. Many people can't help but sigh, although the brand is not established for a long time, but the refreshing and comfortable appearance, Brand names with emotional appeal always make people feel very familiar and friendly.

The blue planet under our feet - the earth, has written a story of 4.6 billion years. We enjoy its great love, beautiful mountains and rivers, and vast resources, but we always forget to give back our care to her. Excessive felling of trees, harsh environmental conditions, and extremely changeable weather are reminding us; the use of bleached and inferior household paper is reminding us of the body; at this time, Lovely Poo Poo bamboo pulp toilet paper stands out, it speaks for environmental protection and health  …

Our commonly used paper towel materials can be divided into wood pulp paper and bamboo pulp paper. Wood pulp paper is generally made of wood, and the paper is fine and smooth, but in order to look good, there is often the problem of excessive use of fluorescent whitening agents. In addition, the current forest resources are becoming more and more scarce, and we should reduce the use of wood. The main raw material of Lovely Poo Poo bamboo pulp toilet paper is the bamboo pulp made from the local abundant bamboo. The special feature of bamboo pulp paper is that the raw material bamboo can be grown for one year. Proper felling can even promote the growth of bamboo forest. Compared with wood pulp Making paper, it protects the earth more.

The "Lovely poo poo" brand belongs to POOPOO INC. Co., Ltd., which is an innovative enterprise integrating R&D, sales and brand operation, and a cooperation-oriented brand marketing system. The company takes "Save the Earth, Share the Future" as its brand concept, takes the earth as a beautiful place, and creates a better future life together as its brand culture, and created the "Lovely Poo Poo" bamboo fiber household paper brand.

In terms of resources, the purchased paper towel raw materials come from natural bamboo, which replaces fast-growing coniferous forest and other wood, which greatly reduces the occupation of forest land and the turnaround time. Due to the short growth cycle of bamboo and the long harvesting period, adding thinning can effectively ensure the supply of raw materials while the environment will not be damaged. Bamboo forests have ecological benefits such as water conservation and soil erosion reduction, and contribute to the environmental protection of surrounding areas and rivers and the sustainable use of resources.

In terms of products, the "Lovely Poo Poo" bamboo forest series paper towels are produced from natural bamboo pulp. The original bleaching process was canceled during the production process to achieve a natural color without harmful additives and contain natural bamboo quinone. The outstanding advantages of the product are: no bleaching, no additives, natural antibacterial, good toughness, food grade.

In terms of brand, a good product makes a good brand. Consumers’ awareness of the brand comes more from product packaging, culture and the product itself. There is a high degree of fit.

Therefore, liking a brand is a feeling, and then a resonance with the values advocated by the brand, without any reason, from the outside to the inside. More environmentally friendly and healthier is undoubtedly a better choice of paper in the future.

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