FSC 100% Mixed Bamboo Products 30

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    • Core Features

  • Classic dots pattern
  • FSC certified, 100% bamboo product!
  • 370 sheets,Sheet size 10*10cm
  • 3-Ply strength,2X absorption!
  • Soft & Strong toilet paper made sustainably!
  • No inks, no dyes. No BPA. Just natural bamboo paper!
  • Plastic-free packaging, even the tape!
  • Septic safe and biodegradable!
  • Each Supreme Roll are 4X stronger & more durable!
  • tear neatly
    • How Much TP Do I Need

Legend has it the average person uses 1.5 rolls of toilet paper per week! We have calculated 1 person will use around 2-3 Lovely Poo Poo rolls/month!
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All Lovely Poo Poo Products ship for free! Currently, Lovely Poo Poo only ships to the continental U.S. and does not offer to ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or other countries. Free Eco-friendly shipping typically arrives 3-7 business days after the order has been processed, but this ETA may vary based upon weather conditions or holidays.
    • Happy Wiping Guarantee

Our goal is to make it easy for people to switch from traditional toilet paper to 100% bamboo TP. We understand that your bottom might be used to a mega-extra-plush paper brand made from trees and you might think you're not brave enough to switch to 100% bamboo. But we believe in the quality of our product, and we believe in you! We're confident you're gonna be happy wiping the Lovely Poo Poo, but if for any reason you find that 100% bamboo TP is not for you - just return it to us for a full refund. You have 30 days to decide.

FSC 100% Mixed Bamboo Products 30

Believe it or not20 Million Treesare cut down every year

Better for You, better for the Planet

It accounts for around 20% of the global deforestation, and the demand for toilet paper never stops growing.

Why bamboo

Sustainable and Fast-growing

Bamboo grows as much as 3 feet (0.9 meters) per day and it reaches harvest maturity in three years, while it can take trees 50 years or more.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Planting Bamboo is a green way to reduct your carbon footprint and help fight global warming.


less greenhouse gas emissions are generated from bamboo than trees.


less water bamboo is used to grow than trees.


more oxygen bamboo emits than trees.

Best Quality & Best Value

Why People LoveLovely Poo Poo

Our Bamboo Paper issoft yet strong, meaning that a little goes a long way.

To remove plastic but still provide protection, each roll is individually wrapped in bamboo paper using naturally occurring colors that will look great as a little pyramid in your bathroom, kitchen, home.

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Loved By Hundreds of Families

Don't Just Take Our Words

Hear what People Say

Better for the Planet

Fun facts about Bamboo

Saves the planet and go tree-free, our Bamboo Paper is FSC Certified and made of 100% organic premium bamboo fiber. It’s super soft, and much better for the planet than regular toilet paper thanks to its eco-friendly materials and plastic-free packaging.

Better for you

Treat your skin to the softness of bamboo. Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic, making our 3-ply toilet paper safe for everyone in the family. Safe for sensitive skin and made without inks or dyes that can irritate delicate skin.

Maybe you're wondering

Your order may take up to 2 business days to process and may not ship until the next business day. Free Eco-friendly shipping typically arrive 3-5 business days after the order has been processed, but this ETA may vary based upon weather conditions or holidays.

Being plastic free is very important to us, and has been an integral part of our mission from the outset. We studied many packaging options, including so-called environmentally friendly plastic options such as oxy-degradable plastic. However, given the unrealistic conditions needed for such plastics to degrade, we felt that paper was the most environmentally sound choice. We also took care to ensure that no plastic was present in our packaging tape, opting to use a kraft paper based eco packaging tape reinforced with glass fibres.

- For softness – Nature’s greatest toilet paper is a bamboo that results in extra soft and very durable toilet paper

We will send you an email containing the tracking information once your order has been shipped from our US warehouse. And you can track the logistic status on using the tracking number provided. It normally takes around 3-5 days to receive your order depending on your location.

If you’re not happy with your product and would like a refund, please email us at within 30 days of receiving your product and we’ll arrange a refund. Please specify your order number (you can find it in your order confirmation email) and tell us what the problem is so we can do our best to fix it for next time! Learn More

Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Whyce Phox
Lovely is an understatement

I love how durable and strong the paper towel and toliet paper is. The kleenex is a lil difficult to get out of the box. But I love the facts and reusable materials.

Sandy Cohen
Surprised me, and I will repurchase!

It may sound funny to say, but I ordered the mixed box with no optimism that I would like them. I had stopped using paper towels in the kitchen and was using the Swedish towels that are compostable. But I missed paper towels. I ordered this mixed box on a whim. I had tried different brands of bamboo toilet paper in the past and hated all of them. I opened the carton and pulled out a roll of bamboo towels. They were terrific. Encouraged by this I tried the toilet paper which I really liked. I was more skeptical at first about the facial tissues, esp because my husband favors the softest tissues in the world. I touched the tissue and it felt stiff-- I worried it would irritate my nose if I had a cold. Allergies popped up and I stuck with the lovely poo poo tissues, and found I actually liked them better than what I was used to. Even with a very runny nose, the tissues worked better than the super soft paper ones, and DID NOT irritate my nose at all. I have told my husband he can keep using our huge Costco stores of paper products, but I want him to try the these bamboo products too. I plan to keep using bamboo myself and see if I can convert him to them as well!.

Allison Mosher
Live the quality and convenience

A dream to not have to worry about keeping up with buying paper products

Lisa A Brown
Stoft and strong TP

Quality to top brands of ply TP

Aileene Yamabe

I DO like your products, however, for me 12 boxes of forest friendly tissues is too much.

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