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Fragrance and Candles - Candles 200g*2 , Fragrance 120ml*1

Fragrance and Candles - Candles 200g*2 , Fragrance 120ml*1

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Product name: Fragrance and Candles

Product specifications: Candles 200g*2 , Fragrance 120ml*1

Scent: English Pears & Freesias

Fragrance: Floral and Fruity

Ingredients: Soy Wax , Essential Oil

Shape: Cupped , Bottle

Shell material: Glass

Scope of application: Bathroom , Bedroom , Living Room
Shelf life: 3 years
Product Features: Essential Oil Fragrance , Recyclable , Smoothe the nerves and sleep , Long lasting fragrance , Burn without smoke.

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  • Super Soft

    Embossed for that extra softness

  • Premium Bamboo

    Made of FSC certificate premium bamboo fiber

  • Fragrance free

    No Ink, No dyes, and no BPA. Perfect for sensitive skin

  • No Butt Crumble

    3-Ply & 2x absorption. Does NOT rip or crumble in use.

  • Septic Safe

    100% Biodegradable and will quickly dissolve in water itself

  • Plastic-Free

    Wrapped with bamboo paper, Plastic free packaging

Better for You, better for the Planet

Bamboo paper is soft but strong, meaning that a little goes a long way. To remove plastic but still provide protection, each roll is individually wrapped in bamboo paper using naturally occurring colors that will look great as a little pyramid in your bathroom, kitchen, home.


Why Lovely Poo Poo

-We love the Earth, so we choose to replace trees with bamboo.
-Each sheet is 3 ply with pure bamboo fiber inside.

-No plastics package, which helps you go plastic-free!
-Lovely colorful packaging makes your life bright!

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