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Shop Lovely Poo Poo Electronic Gift Card. Share your love with your friends and family and start a sustainable&zero-waste lifestyle together with bamboo paper products.

Lovely Poo Poo Gift Card - US$15.00


Better for You, better for the Planet

Bamboo paper is soft but strong, meaning that a little goes a long way. To remove plastic but still provide protection, each roll is individually wrapped in bamboo paper using naturally occurring colors that will look great as a little pyramid in your bathroom, kitchen, home.

Why Lovely Poo Poo

Better for You

Treat your skin to the softness of bamboo. Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic, making our 3-ply tissues safe for everyone in the family. Safe for sensitive skin and made without inks or dyes that can irritate delicate skin.

Better for the Planet

Saves the planet and tree-free, this Bamboo Paper is FSC Certified. Our toilet paper is made from 100% organic bamboo. It’s super soft, and much better for the planet than regular toilet paper thanks to its eco-friendly materials and plastic-free packaging.

You know what we love?

Puppies. Sunny days. Soft winds. Walks on the beach. With friends. But, more than
anything, we love Bamboo.
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