Wearing a unique furry coat in black and white check, distinguished black eye patches around their big round eyes, snub nose, chubby body with a large head… Bet you can guess what it is based on this description. Yes, it’s a panda! Who won’t love it? Once you see the photo of these cute, hilarious creatures, inside of you definitely will be lightened up. It’s widely known that they love eating bamboo, and they survive with bamboo (Bamboo is their life!!). Pandas averagely can eat 26 to 84 pounds per day, depending on their energy needs. Then you probably want to know if those bamboo toilet papers are made from bamboo, what do pandas eat? Are people taking bamboo away from giant pandas?


Bamboo that Giant Pandas will eat

Giant pandas don’t eat all types of bamboo. They only eat about 20 types like arrow bamboo, black bamboo and ‘water bamboo’. With changing seasons, giant pandas would change their preferences for different bamboo parts. Because they will eat tons of bamboo, they would only eat the best part with the richest nutrition to be more efficient in consuming nutrition. In breeding time, they love to eat bamboo culm, and in others, they love bamboo leaves. But the juicy bamboo shoot is always their favourite (source: Pandaful).  


Bamboo that is used in Lovely Poo Poo’s products 

Lovely Poo Poo is always making an effort to protect Giant Panda and their habitats but not destroy their natural food supply. Various categories of bamboo exist in this world. However, Lovely Poo Poo does not choose the bamboo Giant Panda would eat. Omei Mountain Bamboo, which is definitely panda-friendly and sustainable, is the only raw material in bamboo toilet paper, tissue and paper towels of Lovely Poo Poo. The official scientific name is Neosinocalamus affinis. It is a clumping bamboo which can reach about 8 meters in height. As one of the largest bamboo species, Neosinocalamus affinis is widely planted in China.  

Neosinocalamus affinis contains very rich bamboo fiber. This feature is one of the most essential to make the best bamboo toilet paper. Bamboo fiber helps toilet paper be more soft but strong. It only needs THREE years to grow to be harvested. Fast growth, large output, and ease of planting make Neosinocalamus affinis more suitable for paper raw materials. Nevertheless, the most essential thing, Neosinocalamus affinis is not the food of giant pandas!

Saving the planet, fighting against deforestation, and protecting pandas, are always the missions that Lovely Poo Poo has. Because of these missions, Lovely Poo Poo utilizes sustainable raw materials, and eco-friendly and chemical-free method to make best bamboo toilet paper, tissue and paper towels. Lovely Poo Poo is very committed to make the best, high-quality, environmentally friendly and septic-safe bamboo toilet paper for your pleasure. Next time you purchase in Lovely Poo Poo, you can rest assured that we are not taking bamboo away from pandas!