Are you ready for the upcoming Halloween?

Are you ready for the upcoming Halloween?

Halloween is also a very classic festival. Different places have different festival customs and cultural habits, so let's learn about the things that need to be prepared for Halloween:

1. The first one is your own dress. Which must be exaggerated, cool and a bit terrifying. Traditional Halloween costumes include zombies, ghosts, witches, demons, and more. The typical costume is covered with a piece of cloth with two eye holes cut to act as a ghost.

2. The second is the jack-o-lantern that is necessary for home decoration. The jack-o-lantern is also known as "Jack Lantern". In the old Irish legend, a man named JACK was a drunkard who loved mischief. One day JACK tricked the demon into the tree, and immediately carved a cross on the stump, intimidating the demon so that he would not dare to come down. Then JACK made a contract with the demon for three chapters, so that the demon promised to cast a spell so that JACK would never commit a crime. After JACK died, his soul could neither go to heaven nor hell, so his undead had to rely on a small candle to guide him between heaven and earth. The "Jack Lantern" looks very cute. The method is to hollow out the pumpkin, engrave smiling eyes and big mouth on the outside, and then insert a candle in the pumpkin and light it, so that people can easily see it from far away. This naive smile.

3. The third one is the essential candy or small gift for children. Children dressed up in all kinds of scary looks, going from door to door ringing the neighbor's doorbell, shouting: "Trick or Treat!" If you refuse to give candy, the children will get very angry and punish you in various ways. Some homes even use sound effects and smoking machines to create a terrifying atmosphere. The candy a child gets in one night is often counted in bags, and the whole bag is brought home.

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