How can we reduce the number of empty volumes that are discarded? How to increase the service life of each roll of toilet paper?
Let us end the wasteful lifestyle, save paper and protect the environment.

How not to waste: Toilet tissues?

Reduce certain waste by reducing the amount of paper used each time. Ordinary people use 8 to 9 sheets of toilet paper each time they go to the toilet. This also helps to save our planet!

You can usually use a bidet and use toilet paper only when necessary. Or choose an excellent product for a truly zero-waste lifestyle. Poopoo toilet paper is the best brand of toilet paper, which can dissolve within 20S, so you don't have to worry about how long it will take for toilet paper to decompose. This toilet paper is made from bamboo, which can reduce the number of trees felled every day.

How not to waste: Empty toilet rolls?

After using the toilet paper roll, you can stock up the empty roll or recycle the toilet paper roll. You can use toilet paper rolls to make DIY products! Or, you should buy coreless toilet paper rolls that are not wrapped around a cardboard roll, so you can save cardboard packaging and reduce waste.

It’s good to use toilet paper, isn’t it? Using bamboo toilet paper can reduce pollution, let's start protecting the earth! I hope you can apply this sustainable product in your life.