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In 2021, Lovelypoopoo bamboo eco-friendly toilet paper was born. It has quickly become a popular brand for those looking for higher-end designs with eco-friendly or sustainable toilet paper options. In 2022,Lovely Poo Poo has successfully won the love of many customers and won unanimous praise. In order to expand the brand influence, we will promote the Lovelypoopoo brand through INS, Facebook, Twitter, TIKTOK and other social media, and bring the same meticulous design to our bamboo paper series products . Lovelypoopoo is a multitasker between attention to detail, functionality, efficiency and effortless sustainability. Lovelypoopoo strives to bring different visual impacts to home products, bringing more lively and beautiful designs to the family.

Lovelypoopoo is on a mission to revolutionize butt wiping.

You may ask, why are we so passionate about eco-friendly toilet paper?

Because Lovelypoopoo can reduce carbon emissions, can help reduce damage to the planet's environment, and advance the resolution of the toilet paper debate.

Here are 2 reasons why you must use Lovelypoopoo:

(1) Lovely poopoo toilet paper is sustainable

You might think that making a sustainable TP Sale would be at the top of everyone's to-do list. But the truth is, most of the leading home furnishing brands use virgin tree sap. When a company chooses to use virgin tree pulp, they are choosing to use paper made from non-recycled materials. In doing so, trees are being felled all over the world, depleting forests and exacerbating climate change. Not only that, but trees take decades (20 to 50 years) to recover from logging, and at Lovelypoopoo, we love trees and the environment, which is why our toilet paper is 100% bamboo. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials on earth. Bamboo is a grass that grows in subtropical climates. Bamboo reaches maturity in less than 6 years, and it continues to grow when felled. Because bamboo is constantly growing, it is a renewable resource. It's like magic!

Our FSC certification means the bamboo we use is sustainably harvested, and by switching to bamboo toilet paper you could save 384 trees in your lifetime. That means Lovelypoopoo is good for cleaning wipes and the planet!

(2)Another reason is that Lovelypoopoo is plastic-free, ink-free, and BPA-free.

We know, users know. Our toilet paper is cute. Cute packaging, witty names, and lovely scrolls. Unlike those popular brands, Lovelypoopoo's packaging is eco-conscious and septic-safe. Our toilet paper's plastic-free packaging is also 100% recyclable and 100% bamboo fiber. We also use soy ink to decorate our chic BPA free wrappers. Butt lovers everywhere can rejoice that when they wipe with poopoo toilet paper, they won't feel the discomfort of their most dye- and BPA-sensitive spots. 

In addition to being environmentally friendly tissues, Poopoo Inc. makes buying toilet paper a breeze. Our subscription model means you never have to worry about running out of toilet paper again. There will also be no oolong incident where the toilet paper is gone while sitting on the toilet room.

When it comes to sustainable toilet paper, Lovelypoopoo has you covered from front to back! Traditional paper products consume a lot of trees (27,000 per day, just for toilet paper). This will gradually destroy the forest, but bamboo is one of the fastest growing, strongest and most useful plants on earth. Bamboo can be grown over a meter per day, is a renewable resource, and reaches maturity in 4-6 years or less; in contrast, it takes decades (20-50 years) for trees to grow from Recover during harvest.When designing our paper products, we decided to maximize its features. what does that mean? Well, while it's soft and firm to the touch, you'll find our unique texture incredibly smooth and gentle on your skin. The end result is more than you'd expect: a real tactile soft-fuzzy feel.