Flush It Down The Toilet, Or Throw?

Flush It Down The Toilet, Or Throw?

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At present, the toilet habit of some people is still to put the paper in the wastebasket instead of flushing it together in the toilet. 

The main reason for this habit is that when I first started using the toilet, the toilet paper I used was different from what it is now, and it was not water-soluble, which means it was difficult to flush it in the toilet, which would cause the toilet to become clogged, so it would be placed in the wastebasket. Then let's talk about why you are not used to throwing toilet paper into the toilet and flushing it together. I believe this is also an interesting thing in life that everyone wants to know.

Why is the toilet paper not flushed directly, but put in the wastebasket? In fact, the toilet paper is not flushed directly, but placed in the wastebasket, the main reason is to prevent the toilet from clogging. The toilet has just entered a strong period, when the home furnishing industry was still in its early stages of development, and many materials were not comparable to what it is now, which also led to the toilet paper to be placed in the wastebasket when using the toilet, otherwise it would be very expensive. It is easy to cause the toilet to block.

As for the specific reasons, there are mainly the following aspects: The first is the poor water solubility of the toilet paper at that time: when the toilet was initially popularized, the paper manufacturing technology was not yet developed. The technology is still great. At that time, most of the toilet paper was not water-soluble toilet paper. Once such toilet paper was placed in the toilet, it could not be melted, and the moment it was flushed, it would cause a blockage in the toilet. The second is that the toilet has a curved arc: whether it is a toilet now or in the past, everyone knows that in order to prevent the odor in the sewer pipe from returning, the design of the toilet has a curved arc, which is explained by the current term. Deposit and rebate water bend function, that is, deodorization function. After the toilet has such a design, it not only achieves deodorization, but also increases the difficulty of drainage.

At this time, if you throw non-water-soluble toilet paper into the toilet, it will easily block the curved part of the toilet, which will cause the toilet to block. affect the use of the toilet. The third is the poor drainage effect of the sewer pipes: when the houses were built, they used cast iron sewer pipes and ceramic sewer pipes, that is, they were connected one by one. I believe many people know about cast iron pipes. Not only is the pipe diameter small, but the inside is not as slippery as the current PVC pipe. At this time, if the toilet paper is thrown in the bucket, it is also easy to block the sewer pipe. Moreover, the cast iron pipes and ceramic pipes at that time, once the pipes were clogged, it was extremely difficult to clean them up, which was a headache to think about.

Combining the above reasons, when using the toilet at that time, the toilet paper was placed in the wastebasket next to the toilet, and this habit of going to the toilet is still used until now. Although the quality of toilets, toilet paper, and sewer pipes are completely different now, the habit of going to the toilet has been preserved, and the main reason is the fear of clogging.

Can the current toilet paper be thrown into the toilet and flushed together? After decades of development, the current toilet technology, sewer pipes, and toilet paper have all been comprehensively improved. Under normal use, toilet paper can be thrown into the toilet and flushed together. The main reasons are as follows: The first is Toilet paper is water-soluble: In 2018, the toilet paper production standard was improved, requiring that all toilet paper produced must be instant. This kind of paper generally dissolves in water for 20 seconds, and can be dissolved into flocs in three minutes. In other words, the toilet paper used when going to the toilet can be melted quickly, and it can be completely washed away by water when thrown into the toilet. The second is that the toilet has increased momentum: now when buying toilets, the main recommendation is the siphon type. This kind of toilet has a strong anti-odor function and has a greater momentum. When going to the toilet, throw the toilet paper into the toilet, and the toilet paper can be completely flushed away through a strong momentum. The third is that the drainage effect of the sewer pipe is good: the existing houses all use PVC sewer pipes. This kind of sewer pipes achieves simple construction and also has the function of drainage effect. There is no need to worry about the toilet paper can be quickly discharged through the strong momentum of the toilet when going to the toilet.

I would like to remind here that there are still some people who use non-dissolving toilet paper when going to the toilet, especially for those who only pursue the thickness of toilet paper and buy toilet paper that is not up to the standard. This type of toilet paper is very slow in water solubility, which may cause The toilet was clogged. In addition, some toilet paper, handkerchief paper, and toilet paper are not easily dissolved by water because of the addition of wet strength agents, and may block the toilet.

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