Hear From Our Customer Real Reviews!

Hear From Our Customer Real Reviews!

10 beautiful ads are not as good as 10 real reviews.

More and more exquisite advertisements have occupied our eyes. Whenever we turn on the TV, open the newspaper, and walk on the street, a dazzling array of advertisements come overwhelming.

Opening emails, turning on mobile phones, and even opening the door in the morning, advertisements are everywhere. Now in life and in the virtual world, there will be advertisements wherever there are people.

Advertising is coming to us with a Mona Lisa-like smile and has become an integral part of our lives. Advertisements appear around us all the time. It not only tells us the products it sells, but more importantly, it tells us its profound connotations.There are many products worthy of being loved, how about listening to what our Lovely Poo Poo customers say?

Traditional toilet paper is made from trees that are cut down in forests all over the world, which contributes to around 20% of global deforestation. Taking the fact that deforestation is one of a major contributors to climate change, people just never relate such a giant global issue to toilet paper that we purchase on a regular basis. By switching to bamboo, every purchase with us is a step to saving the future of our planet.

We are using Plastic-Free packaging, even the tapes!

More and more people pay attention to the real feeling of consumption, so they will browse the evaluation, then the real evaluation is the best advertisement of our Lovely Poo Poo, it is true and effective, and objectively shows the advantages of Lovely Poo Poo bamboo paper products from a new perspective .

Do you love our products? Certainly, the answer is "Yes"!

There are based on 100+  customers:

  1. We've tried many bamboo toilet papers and this is by far the best one we've found!
    The paper is soft but strong, doesn't leave lint behind and you use less than a regular TP.Tt is also septic safe and biodegradable.
    The best part for me is that I know I'm not exposing my family to harsh chemicals!
    From now on we are only using Lovely Poo Poo bamboo toilet paper in our household!
  2. I can't seem to find where I am to leave my comments so I decided to reply to this message. I was so impressed by how quickly the product arrived and I await use of the tp.

A friend gave me a roll and that is what prompted me to order. Nice product, finally someone really doing something to save our planet. thank you for what vou do.Respectfully submitted, Anne Boehm, West Sand Lake NY

  1. Love this TP - better than other bamboo TP I've tried, and even better than traditional TP! Doesn't leave any fuzz; is soft and absorbent. Have set up auto-subscription because I don't want to go back to store-bought. One of the few eco-friendly products I like better than the original. (Wish they would make facial tissue as well - its soft enough as is)


One of the biggest problems facing today's environment is the belief that most people think other people will fix it. By working together, we can change this perception and save our planet. We also believe that everyone who buys Lovely Poo Poo not only loves our environmentally friendly products, but also recognizes our idea of saving the planet together.

Choose Lovely Poo Poo,Choose A healthy life,Choose A Eco-friendly lifestyle.

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