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When choosing toilet paper, the number of plies often depends on the price. Toilet paper can be divided into roll toilet paper, disc toilet paper, flat toilet paper and suction toilet paper according to the packaging form. Paper is divided into one-time multi-layer, two-layer or three-layer according to the number of layers. You can tell which toilet paper you are buying by the number of plies and choose the best brand and product for your use.

What is a layer ?

Monoply simply refers to the number of layers the paper contains. For toilet paper, typically 1-4 sheets are folded into a basic roll.

As mentioned above, it can generally be assumed that the more layers of toilet paper, the higher the quality of the paper.

Tier 1 vs. Tier 2: Which is better?

As for whether one layer of paper is better or two layers of paper, it depends on what you are looking for. Double-sided paper has one more layer and two buffer layers, which generally increase the strength and softness. Single-ply toilet paper, simply put, is single-ply toilet paper, which is generally the most fragile of all toilet paper and the easiest to break.

Therefore, it is generally recommended that if the pipeline is weak, it is better to choose a single-layer solution. Or, if you run a building and don't care about feedback from people using the toilet, single-ply toilet paper is usually the cheapest option and comes in larger rolls so you can save on maintenance costs and time.

But is three-ply bamboo toilet paper better?

The answer is yes, because Lovely Poo Poo's bamboo toilet paper not only ensures toughness and softness, but also increases thickness, which also saves us the amount of toilet paper. Our paper is made of 100% biodegradable bamboo, and can quickly dissolve in water. It is tested to be absolutely water soluble, dissolves in water within 20 seconds, and will not clog the toilet. Septic tank safe with Lovely Poo Poo Bamboo Paper. Not only will it not block the toilet at home, but even the RV will be fine.

If you want more strength and softness, look no further than Lovely Poo Poo Three-Ply Bamboo Toilet Paper.

1 ly toilet paper and 1ply  paper towel

Layers are not only used for toilet paper, but also for paper towels. Similar to toilet paper, paper towels come in 1-3-4 layers, depending on the brand. Just like toilet paper, you might think it gets softer and harder every time you fold it, but the same is true for paper towels. Traditionally, the more layers a paper towel has, the more absorbent it is.

Should I use tri-origami?

Three-ply paper is traditionally best for making durable, soft toilet paper. Unfortunately, the 2-tier product is still weaker than most people would like, and the 4-tier product is too extravagant. If you have a very sensitive system, Tier 3 might be appropriate.

Regardless of your decision, you should use toilet paper in moderation to avoid waste. please think about it. You can see some of our eco-friendly paper products on our website. (---

About softness

Softness is a measure of how soft toilet paper is. The lower the softness value, the softer the product. Products with good softness have little friction on the skin and are comfortable to the touch. With the advent of many embossed and multi-ply products, it is appropriate for this standard to specify a softness of 450 mN or less for tissue raw material cellulose (fiber). Base toilet paper is 30 mN less soft than toilet paper. Larger ones, due to the rough surface and high softness, the toilet paper base paper should not exceed 800mN. Our Lovely Poo Poo has the best bamboo toilet paper and bulk toilet rolls 3 bulk.

So how do we choose toilet paper?

  1. Try to choose products from large enterprises and well-known brands.

These enterprises have advanced production equipment, strict production process management, and high-quality raw materials. Although the products of these companies are relatively expensive, they are hygienic, comfortable and safe to use. (eg: Lovely Poo Poo)

  1. Check packaging and labels.

The packaging of the inspection product should be completely sealed to prevent product exposure and contamination. Check the logo on the product packaging---also tree-free. Product identification is an important way to understand product quality information. The content of product identification should include: product name, factory name, factory address, product implementation standard number, production date, shelf life, product quality grade.

  1. Look at the raw materials.

At present, the raw materials for producing toilet paper are relatively complicated, including wood pulp, bamboo pulp, straw pulp, waste paper pulp, etc. The raw materials are generally marked on the product packaging, such as 100% virgin pulp, etc. Pure bamboo pulp toilet paper is usually of better quality.

  1. Test the feel.

If you touch it, the texture of good toilet paper is relatively uniform, the wrinkles are fine, and it feels comfortable to the touch, while the poor toilet paper feels rough; tear it, and the best bamboo toilet paper has toughness when torn, indicating that the product has high strength; After rubbing, it is easy to lose powder, paper hair, and easy to break.

  1. Do not pursue high whiteness excessively.

Consumers often mistakenly think that the higher the whiteness, the cleaner the product. In fact, the whiter the toilet paper, the better. In order to improve the whiteness of products, some manufacturers add excessive amounts of fluorescent whitening agents. The surface of such products looks unnaturally white and the color tone is not soft. It is best not to buy them. When purchasing, you can use an ultraviolet lamp or a banknote detector to check whether the bamboo toilet paper has added fluorescent whitening agent. In order to save resources and protect the environment, and to ensure personal health and safety, we advocate that you should not excessively pursue products with high whiteness.

  1. Do not use toilet paper as paper towels.

The biggest difference between toilet paper and paper towels is that the wet strength of toilet paper is lower than that of paper towels. If it is used as paper towels to wipe lips after a meal, wipe the face after washing, etc., it is easy to fester and not only cannot clean. It will also stick paper wool and confetti to the skin.

There are many types of toilet paper, which are divided into roll toilet paper, coil paper, flat-cut toilet paper and removable toilet paper according to the packaging form. Among them, roll toilet paper is divided into two types: cored and coreless; according to the number of layers, it is divided into single layer, double layer and Multi-layer; according to the processing method, it can be divided into plain paper, embossed paper, printed paper, etc. Embossed or printed products look more beautiful; according to the color, it can be divided into white paper, colored paper and natural color paper. Most toilet paper is white or nearly white, and a small part of toilet paper is dyed into colored toilet paper during the production process. The natural color bamboo pulp toilet paper is light yellow-brown (natural pulp color, non-dyed). Natural bamboo pulp toilet paper, as a new product in recent years, focuses on the concept of environmental protection and health, and is gradually being accepted by the society.

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