Bamboo toilet paper is one of the most sustainable toilet paper. It is an excellent alternative to regular toilet paper. Regardless of that, you may also wonder 

  • Is bamboo toilet paper septic-safe?
  • Is bamboo toilet paper good (safe) for the environment?
  • Is bamboo toilet paper safe for health?


This article will provide you with more detailed knowledge about bamboo toilet paper. It is always essential to know more about the products before purchasing any items.


Is bamboo toilet paper septic-safe?

The answer is Yes! Nobody likes to clog their pipe. Unfortunately, those traditional toilet papers always do such horrible things. That’s because it cannot fully break down! BUT, for those who are so desperate due to their clogged pipe, listen carefully, bamboo toilet paper will not destroy your plumbing system. It can be dissolved very quickly in the water. It even can be used in the RV toilet. Using bamboo toilet paper will allow you to have a happy and clear sewer. It leaves no trace in your pipe, and you will never be bothered by your septic tank anymore.


Is bamboo toilet paper good (safe) for our environment?

The answer is Yes! Although everything eventually will break down, bamboo toilet paper is much faster! As mentioned before, it is fast dissolved in the water. It is the same as it in the environment. Bamboo toilet paper is 100% biodegradable. It decomposes quickly and spontaneously, leaving no sign of its presence on the earth.

In addition, it is made of 100% bamboo. As widely known, bamboo is super sustainable, and it grows super-fast compared with trees. It can keep growing after being harvested, so there’s no need to replant it. 


Is bamboo toilet paper safe for health?

The answer is Yes! A few aspects can prove bamboo toilet paper is a good paper.

Bamboo toilet paper is safe for your bum!

It is super soft and not scratchy at all. Thanks to bamboo fiber, it turns out pretty soft but strong. 3 plys can offer an extra-strong shield, so it will not be ripped or crumble while using it. We guarantee you that you will have a fantastic experience with bamboo toilet paper.

 Bamboo toilet paper is safe for sensitive skin!

If you are sensitive skin and are allergic to different chemicals or fragrances, you should choose bamboo toilet paper. Here are the reasons:

Bamboo toilet paper is chlorine-free

                                 is formaldehyde-free

                                 is plastic-free

                                 is ink-free, dye-free and BPA-free

For people worried about chemicals in traditional toilet paper, bamboo toilet paper is the best alternative.


In the end, bamboo toilet paper is safe for your bum, our environment and your septic tank. It has lots of benefits compared with the traditional one. Without a doubt, you will have a fantastic experience with it only if you try it. If you are interested, come to visit our website Let’s save our planet with a better wipe!