• Is bamboo toilet paper better
  • Bamboo toilet paper is not added
  • Natural antibacterial function to ensure safety and health
  • Soft and comfortable function
  • Super toughness
  • Choosing bamboo toilet paper is tantamount to choosing health

Is bamboo toilet paper better

When you cry when you are frustrated in love, you will need to use a lot of toilet paper. Will you think about whether the toilet paper in your hand is safe and healthy? 
Nowadays, in order to get more benefits, many paper makers will choose inferior raw materials that are harmful to people's health to make paper, so what is the good healthy living paper like? 
That is the bamboo pulp paper like our lovely poo poo! Zero bleaching pure 100% bamboo pulp raw material without additives.bamboo toilet paper is better.

Bamboo toilet paper is not added

"if you use it on your own skin, you can't have any fluorescent agent." 
Pull out a lovely poo poo, the first thing to feel different is comfort, with the touch of the hand can feel that it is very soft, better than the original wood pulp white paper, will not wear off a layer of skin of the nose in half a day. 
Is bamboo toilet paper better? The most important thing for lovely poo poo is the pure bamboo fiber extracted from raw materials, which maintains the natural color of bamboo pulp and contains no fluorescent brighteners and human carcinogens. Therefore, there is no extra fragrance, if you smell it very carefully, there is only a very light smell of bamboo. For a sensitive nose like me, it is very comfortable to use.

Natural antibacterial function to ensure safety and health

Bamboo is not only the national treasure panda's favorite food, its bamboo fiber has natural antibacterial, bacteriostatic, bactericidal effect, because bamboo has a unique substance, which is called "bamboo quinone". Is bamboo toilet paper better? Observed under the microscope, bacteria can multiply in large numbers on wood fiber, but not only can not reproduce on bamboo fiber products, but will also be reduced, and the bacterial mortality rate can reach more than 75% within 24 hours, so the household paper products produced by bamboo fiber can remain safe and healthy even if exposed to the air for a long time. 

Soft and comfortable function

The baby's skin is very delicate and easy to be penetrated and damaged by friction, while the raw material of lovely poo poo is bamboo fiber extracted from bamboo, and the bamboo fiber is relatively slender. Observed under an electron microscope of 2000 times, it can be found that the cross section of bamboo fiber is composed of several elliptical gaps, is hollow, and its air permeability is several times that of other fibers, so it is known as the "breathing fiber queen". Is bamboo toilet paper better? The household paper produced by bamboo fiber has good air permeability and comfort. 

Super toughness

We can use the pulling method to test at home, grab both sides of the face towel with both hands and pull hard outward to see if it is easy to break and disconnect. Through the test, Is bamboo toilet paper better? we can know that the ordinary wood pulp paper breaks and drops a lot of paper scraps, while the bamboo toilet paper is very tough, which inherits the toughness of bamboo, and lovely poo poo toilet paper is the toilet paper made of bamboo. 

Choosing bamboo toilet paper is tantamount to choosing health

In addition, bamboo toilet paper is "green and cheap, which is really impeccable". 
The toilet paper made of bamboo is not only safe, healthy, skin-friendly, soft, confetti-proof and good water absorption, but also has the significance of green environmental protection and ecological health protection. Replace wood with bamboo to save millions of trees, starting with "paper". 
If you choose lovely poo poo bamboo towels and bamboo toilet paper, you will choose to live a healthy life.