It's about Bamboo Toilet Paper

It's about Bamboo Toilet Paper

It takes roughly 100 Years to grow to the maturity level required for high-quality virgin toilet paper. It will only take 2 months to 2 years for bamboo to be mature.


The good side is bamboo is a sort of grass. That means it not only grows quickly, but also regenerates by itself, avoiding replanting after cutting. Furthermore, it consumes CO2 — pulling carbon dioxide from the air 3 times faster than trees. That's brilliant news, since carbon dioxide is a major contributor to global warming.


However, the supply of bamboo, to some extent is not easy. It kind of defeats the purpose if an organisation clear cuts thick jungles to plant bamboo. Old-growth forests contain trees and shrubs that have been unaltered for a long time — generally 150 years or more. These areas are highly rich in biodiversity, which means they are home to numerous different species, which is important for a healthy wildlife habitat. It is nearly hard to copy when we replant a forest. (FSC-Certified, Tree-free, bamboo plantation three elements are vital for customers to look at the brand when they want to buy bamboo toilet paper)

Yes, bamboo is a renewable material, but you're probably wondering how it compares to other toilet paper options. Let's compare it to virgin and recycled paper.

Deforestation is caused by traditional toilet paper. That means fragmented and reduced habitat for wildlife, and it takes 100 years or more to regenerate. Furthermore, disturbing the forest root systems emits carbon back into the air.


Recycled paper is made from recycled pulp. Creating bathroom tissue from recycled paper uses less energy and pollutes the air and water less than making bathroom tissue from wood. However, the raw components are still derived from trees, and it requires more water to make recycled paper.


As we all know, it takes years for a tree to mature to the point where it can be utilized to make paper. As a result, the manufacturing of paper towels, whether single-use or not, may add to the demand for deforestation.


Bamboo toilet paper is 100% biodegradable. It decomposes quickly and spontaneously, leaving no sign of its presence on the earth. It can fast dissolve in water thanks to bamboo fiber. So, it should solve your question about why bamboo toilet paper is eco-friendly and if bamboo toilet paper is septic-safe.


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