Lovely Poo Poo Donation--- Lovely Poo Poo Love

Lovely Poo Poo Donation--- Lovely Poo Poo Love

Lovely Poo Poo Big News!

At the beginning of 2023, out of the motive of giving back to the society and establishing the 2nd anniversary of the Lovely Poo Poo brand, we tried a social activity of donating Poo Poo bamboo products to charity. In addition to donating cash and in kind, we often hope to use media such as Facebook, INS, TIKTOK, etc. to promote charitable causes, hoping to arouse public concern and support for charitable causes, popularize humanitarian and social welfare ideas, and create fraternity social environment, promote justice and love.

At first, our donation was not going well, we tried to contact many charities, but either got no response or refused to accept our donation, because most charities did not have enough storage space.

This made me sad for a while, because no one accepted our love, which made me very distressed. In the end, I received an email from HOPE CENTER (MARK) that made me ecstatic. He is very happy to accept this donation, and he can also provide vehicles to transport our bamboo paper products and workers to carry these products. This will undoubtedly help us solve the follow-up problems after the donation, and I would like to express my gratitude to MARK here.

Second,At the beginning of March, we confirmed all the donation details. Mark packed the goods together with the Hope center staff, booked a return truck, and delivered them to the Hope center warehouse, where there will be enough space. Well, many people will definitely be curious about how many products can be stored in a normal warehouse. We have donated a total of 630 boxes of products, including (97 boxes and 24 rolls of Lovely Poo Poo bamboo toilet paper, 133 boxes of environmentally friendly bamboo kitchen paper, 400 boxes of 12 rolls of bamboo toilet paper). This amount is really huge. In order to be grateful, we have donated a warehouse this time.

Why do you want to do this? 

Finally, Many people will definitely say, is it not good to donate money directly? Can help more people. No, we don't think so, because in July 2022 we had requests for help, hoping that we could send some necessities to help them, because they have a lot of children, which is happiness, but what follows is More necessities are needed, and for this reason, we hope to help more people with donated products.

In fact, the total value of the products has reached $17496, which does not include Poo Poo's storage costs, labor and transportation costs during this period. Because we know that products can help those who need us in a targeted manner, and Hope Center will also pass on our love and gratitude to every poor family, hoping to give them the firmness to believe that life is beautiful in this way confidence.

 Donations have never been divided into amounts, and have always been intentions. We hope that our acts of kindness can help more people. Lovely Poo Poo has been taking every step firmly on the road of environmental protection and charity. Any customer who buys Bambooee Paper Rolls is a kind and caring person, because it is your support that we can have this motivation.

Lovely Poo Poo appeals to all caring people, making a small step of change is a big change in the world. E:SAVE THE EARTH In this society, there are many people who need help and support from others! Donations of love can often help these people come out of despair and have full confidence in themselves and life!

A small donation makes the love pass... There will be many waves in the small river of our memory. Some waves make you regret, some waves make people happy, and some waves make people unforgettable.


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