Does saving money mean not spending money?

Absolutely not, I personally think it is to spend the necessary money and save unnecessary expenses.

So today, let’s talk about money-saving tips to make saving money easier and faster for everyone.

  1. Keep a monthly account first to understand your consumption

Many people think that keeping accounts is troublesome and useless, and that what should be spent is still spent, so they are too lazy to keep accounts.

In fact, you may wish to consciously record for a month first, so that you can figure out your consumption situation and prescribe the right medicine.

Check how much you need to spend a month by keeping accounts, which are necessary expenses, and which are non-essential expenses, find out these non-essential expenses, reduce and control such consumption.

  1. Make a good consumption budget

When you understand your consumption situation, you can set a monthly consumption budget so that it is not easy to overspend. 

  1. Unified payment method

For example, if your budget is 1,000 yuan, then put this money in a convenient and flexible monetary fund. Every time you want to buy something, you can pay from it, which is convenient to use and can earn income.

Of course, the biggest advantage of doing this is that every time you spend money, you can clearly know how much money you have left to spend this month, and you won't spend money randomly.

  1. Buy need for a discount

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  1. Learn to let go

Many times, we feel that the more things we have, the happier we will be. But really, think about the clothes in your closet and can't find anything you like. It takes a long time to organize clothes every time. Is it tiring and annoying.

Think about it again, if you have few but fine clothes, just pick one you like, and the quality is good, will your mood be different immediately.

Before buying clothes, think about whether you can match them in at least three ways. If not, start cautiously.

Ask yourself three questions before buying something: "Do I really need this thing?" "Does this thing meet my spending power?" "Do I really like this thing?"

  1. Quantity Restriction Law

Quantity limit law means that you can only advance a few pieces of each of your own things. If these things are broken, you can buy them again, and the quantity must be the same as the original ones.

Many girls often complain: "Oh, I have nothing to wear, no, I have to buy some more." In fact, the closet is already full of clothes.

If you also have this situation, then you might as well try the method of total limit.

For example, if you configure clothes according to the three seasons of spring, summer and winter, you only need 8 sets of clothes for each season. 3 sets of daily business wear, 3 sets of casual wear, 1 set of formal wear for important occasions, and 1 set of sportswear. By doing this, you can make sure that you will wear each piece of clothing without weighing them down at the bottom of your suitcase.

  1. Make a shopping list

Do you also have such a situation: wandering around the supermarket aimlessly, wanting to buy something when you see it, buying more when you see a discount, shopping around, the shopping cart is full, and accidentally spending too much money.

In fact, you might as well make a shopping list, buy things according to the shopping list, go straight to the relevant product area as soon as you arrive at the supermarket, and leave after shopping, which can reduce a certain amount of shopping impulse. degree.

  1. On payday, immediately deposit 10% of your salary

Save first and spend later, save money regularly or deposit it in a fixed investment fund, and cut off the idea of spending money by yourself. This method of forced savings is actually very effective.

  1. Learn to take advantage of various discounts to make yourself affordable and save more

Generally speaking, daily necessities can be purchased in large quantities at one time, which is more cost-effective.

For example, paper towels, laundry detergent, toothbrushes, dish towels, etc. These daily necessities are constantly consumed every day, so we don’t have to worry about buying them without wasting money.

When buying these things, we can buy them through supermarkets or e-commerce discounts, so that we can buy things that are cheaper than usual.

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