fangcheRV Bamboo Toilet Paper

First of all, to those who want to buy RV toilet paper, I want to say: “Don’t Buy It!!!”.  In this article, I will tell you the true face of RV toilet paper. When you finish reading it, you can then decide whether you should buy it on earth. To those who don’t know much about RV toilet paper, this article can expand your knowledge and just in case if you’re going to buy RV in the future or you can tell your friends this knowledge who are going to buy RV and RV toilet paper (kinda like showing off because you know a lot than they do haha).

huabankaobeiIt’s Priceyyy but not Worthyyy!

Fancy name makes this kind of tissue is much more expensive than the regular one. For instance, let’s use average RV TP 48 rolls as an example, compare it with our regular bamboo TP by using MATH.

Lovely poopoo has 370 sheets, 3 plys, and the price is $69.99 (let’s say $70)

370 x 3 x 48= 53280 (single ply sheets)

70 ÷ 53280 ≈0.0013 $ single ply sheet

cexiweishebei-matong-SEPTIC SAFE

Lovely Poo Poo bamboo toilet paper can dissolve in the water at a super-fast speed. You will never need to worry about a clogged toilet. Please rest assured. We did an experiment to test if our bamboo toilet paper fast dissolves in the water and you can find this experiment at this link :

Feel free to check it out!