We embrace Nature in the bathroom, experimenting with more color and surrounding ourselves with tactile surfaces and organic shapes. Here, we've listed seven of the top bathroom trends we've seen. Before committing to a bathroom renovation, it's a good idea to soak up all the bathroom inspiration available so you can sift through and find a style that will suit your home long-term.

1. Inspired By Nature
Natural materials and a feeling of being close to nature continue to characterize bathroom accessories. Different types of natural stone as well as composites and granite ceramics that mimic the real thing are very noticeable this year, and depending on the type of stone and design chosen, it can make a big difference to the overall feel of a bathroom. For example, limestone-like granite ceramics can give a Scandinavian feel, while marble creates a classic timeless style, while terrazzo floors add a unique touch to an interior. Many people also want to decorate with wooden details in the bathroom. Real materials contribute to warmth and provide a More Comfortable sense of space in rooms often characterized by hard surfaces. It doesn't matter if the wood details are light or dark, we've seen everything from white to dark this year. 2. Earth Tones
Natural inspiration also dominated the color palettes we chose for our bathrooms. Beige, gray and brown are all popular choices, along with classic white and black. However, we're also starting to see more and more people daring to use more colour, especially in different shades of green, but also blue and pastel shades of soft, pale pink and yellow. 3.Modern Stylish 
At this stage, something modern and classic deserves its place in the trend anyway. Contrasting Black details continue to pop in the bathroom. Black is everywhere, from showers, hinges and taps to small details like soap dishes and mirror frames.
4. Lines and Shapes In The Bathroom
Soft lines and organic shapes are in vogue when it comes to bathroom decor. Sculpted details, which are still functional, are in style now, as are mirrors and bathroom furniture with rounded corners.
5. Focus And Relax
The bathroom should definitely be functional, but right now the focus is mostly on it being an oasis of relaxation in our home. Feng Shui and the popular Japanese-inspired spa feel and inspiration appeal to many. Smart storage is of course an important foundation as only what is absolutely necessary and sets the right mood should be there. 6. Decorative Lighting
Just like elsewhere in the home, more and more people like to add a little decoration to bathroom lighting. A different light can provide a little something extra and make the bathroom feel as personal and aesthetically pleasing as any other room in the home.

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7. Sustainable Thinking
Bathroom renovations without regard to environmental impact promise to be a thing of the past, at least among those with an understanding and interest in interior design. Long-term solutions, thoughtful choices and recycled materials are taken for granted, as is quality and craftsmanship.

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