The night of Christmas Eve, December 24, is an exciting day. At night, fireworks are flying over the city, mixed with people's laughter. The reindeer sleigh came from afar carrying people's blessings.

Unknowingly, pieces of snowflakes danced in the air like silver butterflies. Soon after, the whole world turned silver. Yoyo walked slowly on a white carpet to the place he had agreed with Qiuqiu, but after waiting for a long time, there was no sign of Qiuqiu.

The snow is getting bigger and bigger, and the branches are covered with silver flowers. Liuyou is still standing in the sea of snow. At this moment, he only has one belief in his heart—Qiuqiu will come!

The sound on Christmas Eve: The snow fell down ferociously like a vicious tiger, and Liuyou finally gave up. He seemed to have knocked over a five-flavor bottle, not sure if it was bitter or sour. He didn't want to go home, so he came to the park and walked to the depths of the park. There are no street lights here, and few people come here. There are many trees and the light is very dark. So it became a secret base for me, Qiuqiu and the old lady.

Suddenly, a familiar sound of the flute came from the bench, Liuyou stopped in his tracks, and listened carefully, "Hey, the sound of the flute is obviously cheerful, but why does it sound very sad to me?" Liuyou said to himself . "Who are you?" Suddenly, the sound of the flute stopped, and a figure about the same height as Liu Liu came out of the darkness.

Oh! It turned out to be the ball. Yoyo wanted to jump on it happily, but when he remembered what happened just now, Yoyo stopped in his tracks and cursed: "You untrustworthy guy, I trust you so much." Qiuqiu sniffled, After waiting for a long time, I said: "Old, grandma... moved back to her hometown." Yoyo and Qiuqiu both know that the distance between the grandma's hometown and here is equal to the distance between heaven and earth. After listening to Qiuqiu’s words, Yoyo hated herself to the core, hated herself for being busy celebrating Christmas these days, and forgot about grandma; hated herself for not asking grandma’s phone number; He gave us his precious fife and violin, and brought us to the secret base every day to teach us.

Now, the teacher is gone, but Yoyo and Qiuqiu still have to finish learning the fife and violin. Then, Qiuqiu used the flute to play the old grandmother's favorite song -- "Nightingale", without saying anything, took out the violin that she always carried with her, and played it...

The cabin under the moonlight The snow is getting smaller, and the bright moon is hanging high in the sky. Yoyo and Qiuqiu finally calmed down, and they came to the mountain and cut down the most luxuriant small pine tree.

Suddenly, moonlight radiated from the depths of the woods. Under the moonlight, a small wooden house came into view. There seems to be a white hat on the roof, really like a white castle. Gently pushing open the door, they saw their parents and friends and classmates sitting aside.

They were all looking at the sky, the moon and the snow. Their parents put their arms around Yoyo and Qiuqiu, and told Yoyo and Qiuqiu: "The sky, moon and snow are all angels sent by heaven to protect you. A person can learn his news from the angel. As long as the thoughts in the heart are still there, the one we love will never leave you." At this time, the whole room was full of thoughts. In the woods, in the mountains, it echoes for a long time: "Merry Christmas!"

The tree rings turn once more, and it's Christmas time again. But this year's Christmas, I can only spend it in my memories. I recall last year's Christmas filled with fragrant apples, gorgeous wrapping paper, huge flower ties, and gold stars all over the ground, so as to bring out the warmth and happiness.

This is just a heartwarming story. We are looking forward to Christmas and saying Merry Christmas to each other on Christmas Eve. Children all over the world are ready, and Santa Claus should be ready to give us gifts too. When I think of this, the scene of Santa Claus carefully preparing gifts flashes in my head, how warm it is...


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