If you are reading this sentence, Congrats!!  It means you have finished this small blog with much information about toilet paper in your head---sustainable toilet paper. Let me share with you what are the things that are always kept in the RV. The long-distance and short-distance travel are similar. for reference only:

Food: For a short trip, it is good to just bring some fast food, but if there is a stove in the car, it is still necessary to prepare some dried vegetables, dried meat, sausage and other dry goods. If it is prepared for a long-term RV trip, it may be enough to bring a little in the short term. After all, when you go to various places, you will not buy less snacks from all over the place.

Oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, all the seasonings + various dried vegetables, the food in a backpack is enough for short trips, and the RV life is simple. You don’t need to get out of the car to cook white noodles, and you can make them in the car. The food in the car is mainly convenient and fast, and try not to engage in particularly complicated ones. If you take the road, you can buy fresh vegetables and meat at any time. These are just things to be prepared for. Cooking utensils: A cassette stove and a set of small pots for outdoor use can solve many problems...

Useful, daily toiletries, these can be replenished on the road, try to take as little as possible, and use the storage space in the bathroom of the RV. The following items, I think, must be brought when traveling in an RV, and will save you a lot of trouble---safest toilet paper for septic tanks

Bath towels: You must bring bath towels. Generally, you can take a bath in the RV. If you forget to bring bath towels, it will be troublesome.

Slippers: Slippers must be brought on the RV. If the RV entrance can be cleaned up, there is a place to store shoes. It is very convenient to change shoes in the car, just like at home.

Plug-in strip: It is best to prepare one, as there are not enough wiring ports on the RV. Now there is a small 12V to 220V inverter plug-in strip. Generally, it is enough to connect a computer and so on. You don’t need to turn on the inverter. It is recommended to bring one.

Clothes hanger: If there is no clothes hanger in the car, you can buy that kind of telescopic shower curtain rod, which can be fixed to the width of the bathroom and screwed to death. This is what I do now. Just above the bathroom there is a ventilation hole, which is convenient for drying clothes.

Bucket: When changing clothes, try to bring quick-drying ones, whether you have a washing machine or not. If you don’t have a washing machine, bring a bucket. If you are too lazy to do laundry, buy a laundry artifact online.

Mosquito coils: must-haves in summer, the 12V to 220 plug strip just mentioned is just right for use here. I haven't been able to find a mosquito coil with a USB port. If there is one, it is undoubtedly the best choice.

Toilet paper: This is undoubtedly a difficult choice. Carrying too much will take up storage space. Carrying too little may face difficulties in replenishment. Some people will definitely say that there are supermarkets everywhere, why is it difficult to replenish?

First of all, to those who want to buy RV toilet paper, I want to say: “Don’t Buy It!!!”.  In this article, I will tell you the truth of RV toilet paper. When you finish reading it, you can then decide whether you should buy it on earth. To those who don’t know much about RV toilet paper, this article can expand your knowledge and just in case if you’re going to buy RV in the future or you can tell your friends this knowledge who are going to buy RV and RV toilet paper (kinda like showing off because you know a lot than they do haha).


It’s Priceyyy but not Worthyyy!

Fancy name makes this kind of tissue is much more expensive than the regular one. For instance, let’s use average RV TP 48 rolls as an example, compare it with our regular bamboo TP by using MATH.  

Lovely poopoo has 370 sheets, 3 plys, and the price is $66

66 ÷ 3700.18   (single sheet every roll)

370 x 3 x 48= 53280    (single ply sheets)

66 ÷ 53280 ≈0.0012 $ single ply sheet

Because RV travel, you will definitely choose Lovely Poo Poo, our product is easily soluble in water.Adorable Poo Poo bamboo toilet paper dissolves in water super fast. You'll never have to worry about a clogged toilet. Do not worry. We did an experiment to test whether our bamboo toilet paper can dissolve quickly in water, you can find the experiment in this link---

Now we have proved this Lovelypoopoo RV TP is pricey than the regulars. But why do I say it’s not worthy to buy? Sellers would say  very special techniques is utilised in RV Toilet paper to make it quickly break down in the water and flushable without clogging your pipe. However, I mean, HELLO, our regular one is the same!! It can also break down in the water. It’s biodegradable, septic and sewer safe! At the same time, our toilet paper is made of 100% bamboo. It’s plastic free, formaldehyde free, BPA free. We use ECF (elemental chlorine free) method to whiten the paper. It’s eco-friendly, used-safely, and truly soft. Who wouldn’t love it?! It has 3 plys, you don’t need to worry about breaking down in your hand. You can poo wherever you want (I mean all kinds of toilet) without being afraid of clogging the pipe and with a better wipe!

Now you can consider again that whether you should pay more to buy this RV toilet paper instead buy our Lovely Poopoo Bamboo toilet paper!