How to choose bamboo toilet paper

Although it is easy to use, the choice of toilet paper seems endless and requires a very careful decision. More importantly, if we are talking about environmental protection! To make it easier for you, you need to consider the following points when choosing the best environmentally friendly bamboo toilet paper!

1) Treeless material.

As far as the materials used in environmentally friendly toilet paper are concerned, you have two choices--- bamboo toilet paper and recycled paper. Each has its own weaknesses and strengths, so it's best to know the main differences before buying.

Recycled paper: rich in resources but rough.
It is probably the most environmentally friendly choice of thin paper between the two. Recycled paper does not use new resources, but uses materials that should have been wasted.
Unfortunately, due to the inconsistency of the paper used in addition to the process of turning processed paper into further processed toilet paper, the toilet paper feels a little rough on your ass or softer than virgin paper.

Bamboo: sustainable and comfortable.

It seems to be the current material, bamboo grows rapidly, is sustainable, does not need fertilizers or pesticides, can be used like wood, and will not have a great impact on the ecology.
And because it comes from the original material, bamboo toilet paper is softer and more comfortable than ordinary recycled paper. In fact, it is difficult to distinguish between bamboo toilet paper and standard toilet paper used at home.

2) Number of layers.

Generally speaking, the thickness of toilet paper is 1-4 layers. The number of layers only refers to the number of layers of paper used. In general, the higher the number of layers, the stronger, softer, absorbent and thicker the tissue should be.
For general needs, 2 layers of bamboo toilet paper is enough. However, if you are looking for a cheaper option, 1 layer of toilet paper is your choice, while 3-4 layers of toilet paper provide you with thicker and stronger toilet paper, but at a higher price.

I know that Lovely poo poo brand bamboo toilet paper has a variety of paper layers for you to choose from.which can be selected on its official website.

3) Understanding ecological signs

As we are talking about environmentally friendly products, you will see eco-logos and certification on their packaging. Keep in mind that products without these certifications are only uncertified. This means that they are not good and environmentally friendly products at all.

Green seal
This sign is a sign of environmental responsibility throughout every stage of toilet paper production.

Ecological sign
With this logo, the product has less impact on the environment than the standard products in the industry.

Authentication FSC
FSC is a non-profit international organization that promotes responsible forest management through the development of forest product standards and their certification processes. You will find the FSC tree tick mark on most environmentally friendly sanitary paper packaging. However, if you take a closer look at the details, you will notice that there are actually three categories on the label:

FSC 100%: this means that all fibers or wood in the product come from FSC certified forests.
Recycling FSC: this means that all fibers or wood in the product are recycled materials, but 15 percent may be pre-consumption waste (manufacturing waste that has been put back into production). This is the best choice for you to buy environmentally friendly toilet paper.

Blend FSC: this means that the product can be fiber or wood from FSC certified forest, fiber or wood or recycled fiber or wood mixture from other controlled substances. The entire production volume contains at least 70% of FSC certification materials; however, this does not necessarily mean that a particular product line fully contains any FSC certification materials.
In the final analysis, the FSC logo does not guarantee that the product comes from a sustainable source. However, it does show that the raw fibers used to make products come from forests that are managed in accordance with higher social and environmental standards.

Authentication PEFC

PEFC, short for Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, is an international organization dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management and ensuring that wood and non-wood forest products are produced in accordance with high social, ethical and ecological standards.
PEFC has three party classification schemes, and you can identify its products through the PEFC certification label. It comes with two PEFC categories:
Recycling PEFC: this means that at least 70 per cent of PEFC certified materials come from recycled resources and wood from controlled sources.
Timber PEFC certification: this means that at least 70% of the wood comes from PEFC certified forests and from controlled sources.

I know that the bamboo toilet paper of lovely poo poo brand is qualified for FSC certification.

4) Does not contain harmful chemical substances.

The trees are green and brown. So why is toilet paper white?
Well, there are some very strong chemicals that are often used to turn green and brown into soft white paper to wipe your ass.
Chemicals such as chlorine, bleach and bisphenol An are usually found in toilet paper made from trees and recycled paper. These chemicals are not only harmful to us, but also harmful to the environment. Therefore, it is best to look for toilet paper that clearly states that it is made without them.
It is best to look for a product that is marked unbleached or uses chlorine substitutes (such as hydrogen peroxide or oxygen) to achieve whiteness.

5) Non-reel tube

Most toilet paper is wrapped around a cardboard tube to help keep it in shape. However, when you think about it, these tubes are not entirely necessary, so some manufacturers of toilet paper do not have them.
If you focus on further reducing waste, then you may be looking for without coiling core bamboo toilet paper. Note that the paper may not unfold smoothly and may look a little messy near the end.

Some lovely poo poo brand bamboo toilet paper has a roll core and some do not have a coil tube. We can choose whether we have a coil tube or not according to our different use needs and habits.

6)Septic tank safety.

Septic tank? Then you should know better than buying toilet paper that is not designed to decompose in your septic tank system.Nevertheless, for those who do not have septic tanks, it still makes sense to buy bamboo toilet paper that is safe for septic tanks.

Well, on the one hand, having septic tank safety toilet paper means it can easily decompose and help prevent pipe clogging, reassuring people living in old houses and buildings.
But perhaps the most important reason is that septic tank safety toilet paper breaks down quickly, so they don't end up in landfills.
You will see that even though all toilet paper is designed to decompose long before reaching the solid waste filter of the sanitary process, there are still some fragments that do not completely dissolve and eventually become landfill waste.

 7)Other Featur.

Features such as printing, embossing, fragrance or quilted bamboo toilet paper are added for beauty and decorative attractiveness. Whether you choose to buy bamboo toilet paper with these functions will depend on your personal preference.
In addition, if you are sensitive to perfumes or dyes, it is important to look for toilet paper that does not contain them and claims to be hypoallergenic.
Almost all the lovely poo poo bamboo toilet paper brands I know have these functions and will be your best choice.

 Frequently asked questions

Q: Is toilet paper really harmful to the environment?
A: In terms of the standard soft toilet paper made of raw wood used by most people, this is a resounding answer. Toilet paper is very harmful to the environment.
You see, a piece of toilet paper doesn't last long-you pick it up, use it, and flush it out. The fact that it is a disposable product is not the only reason why it is harmful to the environment.
As mentioned earlier, the IT manufacturing process requires a large number of trees (entire forests are cut down) and water in order to produce them.
Often advertised whiteness and softness mean the use of large amounts of chemicals (such as chlorine) to produce raw white tissue. It's bad enough to get in touch with private parts, but where do you think the waste goes after you use it?
Fill landfills or local water sources.
So, yes, toilet paper is really harmful to the environment.

Q: Is toilet paper biodegradable?
A: Yes, all toilet paper options, even those considered harmful to the environment, are biodegradable. This is because they are all made from natural resources.

Q: Is bamboo toilet paper really environmentally friendly and sustainable?
A: Of course! Bamboo grows very fast, produces a lot of oxygen, and can be harvested without killing the plant itself.

Q: Is there a substitute for toilet paper?
A: Yes, you can use other toilet paper substitutes. One of the environmentally friendly alternatives you can try is traditional cloth toilet paper, also known as household cloth. This is a piece of cloth used as bamboo toilet paper, but it can be washed and will not be washed away, so it can be reused.
Compared with ordinary toilet water, another effective option with less environmental impact is to use bidets. Simple use of water can not only reduce the use of toilet paper, but also actually more hygienic.

The last thought.
So you have it!

When considering measures to reduce the impact on the environment, don't just consider reducing plastic use, composting waste and debris, or bringing reusable bags to grocery stores. Changing your toilet paper can make a big difference! It is a good choice to replace ordinary toilet paper with bamboo toilet paper.