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Best Eco-friendly Toilet Paper in 2021-Bamboo Toilet Paper

  • Bamboo Toilet Paper
  • How is bamboo toilet paper made?
  • Features Of Bamboo Toilet Paper

With the development of environmental protection, sustainability and innovative technology, bamboo toilet paper Has gradually become mainstream. People will have many questions: What is Bamboo Toilet Tissue? How is it made? What are it’s benefits?

Bamboo Toilet Paper

Bamboo toilet paper is made from bamboo plants. Bamboo is an emerging environmentally friendly building material. Bamboo can make soft and strong products, so it is the material of choice for many series of products, such as home decoration and clothing and guitars. Because of these characteristics of bamboo, we chose bamboo to make toilet paper.

How is bamboo toilet paper made?

The production process of bamboo toilet paper is very simple and clean.
First, the bamboo plants need to be broken down into the required fibers and the fibers are added to the mixture used to make them into bamboo pulp. They are soaked, squeezed and the pulp is made into real paper.
After that, the paper is dried until the appropriate moisture content is reached. Roll the toilet paper into long rolls, cut them into smaller rolls, and pack the rolls for sale.

Features Of Bamboo Toilet Paper

  • The type of bamboo is special. Bamboo is a huge grass that is highly renewable and can grow up to 10 meters a month.
  • Sustainable, fast renewable and biodegradable.
  • Bamboo is more sustainable than trees as it grows fast , uses land efficiently, and doesn’t use fertilizer or pesticides. In some places, it uses less irrigation too.
  • Bamboo is usually good at producing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide to be carbon neutral or net positive.
  • 31% lower emissions compared to recycled tissue.

Have you ever used bamboo toilet tissue? Let us experience the charm of bamboo toilet paper together.

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