• Softness of bamboo toilet paper
  • Bamboo toilet paper without chemicals
  • Conclusion

Everyone has many different choices when it comes to toilet paper, such as wood toilet paper, bamboo toilet paper or recycled toilet paper. If you're looking for a super-soft, eco-friendly toilet paper delivered to your door,bamboo toilet paper will be the best choice.

Softness of bamboo toilet paper

Most users rank the texture of the tissue as the most important differentiating factor. Look for virgin bamboo pulp for a softer bamboo tissue. It tends to be more expensive, but many users feel that having soft, comfortable bathroom tissue is worth the extra few dollars.

Bamboo toilet paper without chemicals

Most bamboo toilet paper avoids chemicals such as dyes, artificial fragrances and chlorine. Manufacturers often label their toilet paper to make it clear which chemicals and dyes they avoid adding to the tissue.Chemicals can be very harmful to the environment.


Environmental protection requires everyone to contribute their share. Protecting the earth starts from replacing wood toilet paper with bamboo toilet paper.