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How does lovely poo poo bamboo pulp paper go from bamboo to tissue paper?

To improve the quality of bamboo paper, lovely poo poo should strictly control the technological process of producing bamboo toilet paper.

The properties of bamboo pulp are between conifer wood and hardwood, which is superior to grass pulp. It can replace hardwood pulp and reduce the amount of conifer pulp.

Lovely poo poo is a modern personal care paper for the buttocks. The bamboo pulping process is mature and reliable, the pollution control process is mature, and the “Three wastescan meet the relevant national emission standards, FSC has been certified, the future will be dedicated to promoting the sustainable development of the worlds forests.

Ecological effect is another advantage of developing bamboo pulp papermaking.

So how exactly does bamboo turn into pulp paper? Let’s take a look.


Selection of mature bamboo, cut bamboo machine made of bamboo.


Wash the bamboo into the 150 degrees of cooking pot steaming.


The pulp after cooking is pumped to the pressure separator for coarse screening.

Four,deslagging and removing section.

After cleaning, the slurry is pumped to the deslagging system to remove the slag.

Five,extraction washing.

Using washing equipment to wash the slurry.


After washing and purifying, the pulp is transported to beating equipment to make raw bamboo pulp, and then transported to pulp storage tower for use.

Seven,dilution molding.

According to the pulping, batching, papermaking process.

Eight,High temperature sterilization.

The formation of paper into 350 degrees of equipment for high temperature sterilization.

Nine,slitting and rewinding.

The Qualified Bamboo Pulp base paper is sent to the post-processing workshop to be processed with household paper.


The bamboo pulp paper is packed for cleaning and easy transportation.

Traditional White household paper is based on different whiteness requirements, using chlorine bleaching, hypochlorite bleaching and other bleaching methods, and even add fluorescent whitening agent. The chlorine bleaching process produces dioxins, which are highly carcinogenic and 900 times more toxic than arsenic. Although fluorescent whitening agents can make the appearance of products pure white, but the body is harmful but not beneficial.

POOPOO Inc.'s commitment.

We know how important forests are to our home earth. As a toilet paper manufacturer with excellent production technology, we hope to do our part for protecting forests and protecting the environment.

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