• But why is it bamboo?
  • Growth rate
  • Less chemicals
  • Need less water
  • Need less land

Amazing reports and countless warnings about the state of our environment have shown us that our trees and forests are vital to our survival on this planet. We must find alternatives without trees. Especially for our disposable products, such as tableware, packaging, paper towels, paper towels and of course toilet paper.

Lovely poo poo pays attention to the awareness of ecological and environmental protection. We are committed to producing the best bamboo toilet paper to bring you a better experience.

But why is it bamboo?

Well, it turns out that there are many reasons why bamboo is more suitable for disposable products than trees.

Growth rate

It takes an average of 30 years for a tree to mature, while bamboo (not a tree, but a kind of grass) takes only 5-7 years to mature, and then it can be harvested every year because its roots naturally grow new shoots. In addition, bamboo grows very fast. According to the Guinness World Records, bamboo can grow up to 91 cm (35 inches) per day.

Less chemicals

As farmers use pesticides and fertilizers, trees from so-called "sustainable farms" grow rapidly. These chemicals poison the soil, so nothing else can grow there. Bamboo farmers use much less irritating chemicals.

Need less water

It is estimated that bamboo uses 30% less water than hardwood trees.

Need less land

Bamboo, like other types of grass, grows very densely. You can get more dry material from an acre of bamboo than an acre of trees.

Hardwood is an excellent material for reusable products that can be used for many years. Furniture, houses, railroad tracks, etc. But it does not make sense to soften hardwood with chemicals and turn it into wood pulp. On the other hand, bamboo fiber is naturally soft and durable. Therefore, they are unlikely to deteriorate over time. This makes bamboo a better toilet paper material.

It is now clear that bamboo toilet paper rolls are more environmentally friendly than wood pulp toilet paper. For me, they can also do the job well.

About Lovely Poo Poo

Lovely poo poo bamboo toilet paper

100% bamboo paper

No ink, dye or chemicals added

Three-tier design

Independent packaging style

Lovely poo poo toilet paper is made entirely of bamboo. Its chemical-free nature allows you to use it on sensitive skin without worrying about any irritation.

This biodegradable tissue paper is strong enough, not easy to tear, and soft to the touch.

Responsible packaging means you can recycle it without worrying about its environmental impact. The stylish personal packaging is so cool that it can even be reused in a variety of creative ways.

Buying Lovely poo poo bamboo toilet paper is a good choice, it is more environmentally friendly and safer. Your small purchase can make a huge contribution to the ecology.