Have you ever wondered what to do with all these toilet paper tubes?

There are a lot of ideas on how to reuse and recycle them in creativity, let's take a look.

Toilet paper roll crafts

The simple and fun toilet paper roll is coming. Let’s take a look at it. We can use the toilet paper roll to make cute animals and use it for painting.
Let me introduce you to a very simple production-paper tube kitten.The hand-making of the standing kitty begins, just draw the kitty on the toilet paper roll,Then cut it with scissors. You can also use color lead to color the kitten to make the kitten more cute.Put the cute little cat next to the toilet paper and tell it that this is the future you!
Of course there are other productions, such as paper tube crown, paper tube glasses, paper tube three-dimensional tree, etc.

Toilet paper roll becomes a storage box

Use the toilet paper roll as the data cable storage tube, as long as the scattered wires are arranged and stuffed into the roll paper core, and then write a mark on the outside of the roll paper core, there will be no more mess.

It can also be made into a pen holder. Wrap a certain number of rolls with tape and put them in a box to hold various types of pens! Or it can be made into a mobile phone holder that we usually need to watch a show, just cut a hole in the roll paper core about the same thickness as the mobile phone, make a few supporting feet, and put the mobile phone on it. This becomes a simple mobile phone holder.

Toilet paper rolls used as decoration

Since toilet paper tubes are flexible, they can be cut and formed into almost anything! If you’re looking to create some decorations for the season or to celebrate a birthday, get those creative juices flowing and make your own. Whether it’s an activity for your family or students, this no-cost process can lead to endless possibilities!


Through today’s introduction, do you want to do it yourself?Do you have any ideas? I believe that soon you will want to start hoarding toilet paper rolls.