• Which one should you choose?
  • How to choose toilet paper?
  • You should be aware that this decision could truly influence your happiness.

Bamboo toilet paper is a necessity in our daily lives, whether we're using it to use the restroom or for other purposes.

  • Which one should you choose?

But do you ever discover that the toilet paper you get for your home is scratchy and unpleasant to use? Since there are so many different sorts and brands of bamboo toilet paper accessible, you might just be purchasing a subpar item at this point.

When you are using your own toilet paper, have you ever felt scratchy and unpleasant to use? Toilet paper is a necessity in our daily lives, it is really crucial that the feeling that it gives to you. That will be annoying if your toilet paper tears apart when you are using it or hurts your bum. Nowadays, in the supermarkets, lots of toilet paper brand, toilet paper type exists in front your eyes.

  • How to choose toilet paper?

Three major types of toilet paper in the market:

Virgin toilet paper, bamboo toilet paper, recycled toilet paper

The first type virgin toilet paper, almost everyone around the world knows what that is. Approximately 70- 75% population use virgin toilet paper. It is a really large percentage. I believe it definitely gives customers very good impression and chopping wood is one of the easiest and low-cost ways to make toilet paper for capitalists.

But we should not choose virgin toilet paper. Why?

It is widely known that virgin toilet paper is made of tree pulp. Cutting trees, chopping wood is two necessary steps to make virgin toilet paper. We probably can afford these virgin toilet paper, but our earth mother cannot. 

Deforestation is one of the most serious problems that our earth and human beings are facing today. Nobody wants to face that. Why do we need trees? It’s simple and easy to answer. Because trees produce oxygen and we BREATH! Also, those pollution that human beings emit in the air, trees are able to help us fresh our air! They are the home for all the animals, insects, and biodiversity is vital for this world……. So many reasons that we need to plant more trees instead of destroying them.

As normal human beings, what we can do is to change our little habit, change the necessity that we use, change our lifestyle into more eco-friendly one. So don’t choose virgin toilet paper for our earth’s sake!

The second one, recycle toilet paper. It is definitely more sustainable than the virgin toilet paper after all it is recycled. It is made from recycled pulp. Creating bathroom tissue from recycled paper uses less energy and pollutes the air and water less than making bathroom tissue from wood. However, the raw components are still derived from trees, and it requires more water to make recycled paper.

As we all know, it takes years for a tree to mature to the point where it can be utilized to make paper. As a result, the manufacturing of paper towels, whether single-use or not, may add to the demand for deforestation.

Furthermore, dangerous substances such as bleach and pesticides may have been included in the processed used paper. on the route to the landfill before being saved. That implies it must go through a more rigorous process before being consumed.

The third type, bamboo toilet paper. From its name, it is pretty obvious that bamboo toilet paper is made of what. Lovely Poo Poo bamboo toilet paper is made of 100% bamboo. We always say bamboo toilet paper is sustainable, eco-friendly. Why? Technically, bamboo is grass not trees. It will only take few months to 3 years to be enough mature to make bamboo toilet paper. Therefore, it’s renewable and sustainable. We DO NOT need to worry that what if we have used all bamboo, there will be no more bamboo. Bamboo has really fast-growing speed. It also does not need very strict environment to grow. It is very easy to be planted and will grow very fast. 

Bamboo is definitely one of the most sustainable products.

However, because the bamboo products start to become more popular, there are some businessmen who choose to destroy hardwood forest to plant more bamboo. Therefore, it is essential to choose the bamboo toilet paper with FSC®-certified like products from Lovely Poo Poo.

Fortunately, bamboo toilet paper is not only sustainable but also offers the following advantages.

Bamboo toilet paper is soft but strong – Bamboo toilet paper can definitely hold you up. Due to the bamboo fiber, it’s super strong and durable. Also, Lovely Poo Poo made it in 3plys, so it’s even stronger than others.

Bamboo toilet paper is chemical-free – if you have sensitive skin, bamboo toilet paper is definitely the best option for you. Lovely Poo Poo makes this bamboo toilet paper in chlorine-free method with no ink, no dye, and no BPA. It’s Formaldehyde-free and plastic free. You don’t need to worry anything at all.

Bamboo toilet papr is septic-safe – It’s stong, 3plys, but doesn’t mean it will clog your pipe! If you are always worried about your plumbing system now, then use bamboo toilet paper! It’s 100% biodegradable and fast-dissolved in water. It’s the best option for your toilet.

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