• Flush toilet paper into the toilet
  • Throw away the toilet paper
  • Recycling of toilet paper

Disposing of toilet paper by flushing it down the toilet may seem like the most obvious choice, but sometimes there are scenarios when flushing isn’t the best option.

Having a plan ahead of time makes it easier to know what to do with your toilet paper in any situation. Learn some of the best ways to dispose of toilet paper.

Flush toilet paper into the toilet

When flushing toilet paper, 95% will dissolve, but 5% will become a kind of sludge, which will accumulate in the pipe and cause damage to the pipe, or even leak during the cleaning process.

Tampons, napkins, paper towels and "disposable wipes" cannot be rinsed.

The old sewer system will collapse over time, and excessive accumulation in the pipeline will become expensive. Although flushing is the simplest solution, it is not always the best.

Loose paper may clump together and jam, causing damage and confusion.

A large amount of paper also takes longer to decompose, which can cause it to collect in the pipe and make it difficult for smaller pieces to pass through.

Throw away the toilet paper

Discarded toilet paper will eventually be buried. Doing so will increase greenhouse gas emissions and take longer to decompose. Either way, toilet paper is harmful. Using bamboo toilet paper can reduce pollution to a certain extent

Recycling of toilet paper

There is a kind of toilet paper that is recyclable, but they usually contain certain chemicals, which can cause many human health problems.

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