It's been a busy week for NASA ahead of Halloween. In the spirit of this season, the agency recently released new images of the Eagle Nebula taken by the James Webb Space Telescope, in which the Pillar of Creation appears to be a ghostly hand. Coincidentally, NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory managed to capture an equally eerie image of the Sun. Experts have warned that behind the "smile" could be signs of a solar storm that could lead to a geomagnetic storm hitting Earth.

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On Wednesday, the agency shared a photo of the sun "smiling." As The Guardian pointed out, quite a few Twitter users were quick to point out that the star looked like a carved pumpkin in a NASA image. There is some interesting science behind the similarities. "In ultraviolet light, these dark spots on the sun are called coronal holes and are regions where the fast solar wind rushes into space," NASA said. The sun constantly emits solar wind. Sometimes, these geomagnetic storms are known to disrupt electricity on Earth, as was the case in parts of Canada in 1989.

The Guardian said the 'smile of the sun' photo, which is believed to look like the sun from the children's show Teletubbies, has caused a stir online after it was posted, while others believe it looks like a chocolate chip strange. Smiley shape. However, the "Guardian" also said that while the "smile" in the photo looked friendly, experts also warned that the sun's coronal hole could mean a solar storm is about to "hit" Earth.

This isn't the first time the Solar Dynamics Observatory has captured interesting images of the Sun. In 2016, NASA released an animation of the Sun somersaulting. The capture is the result of a seven-hour manoeuvre that SDO completes each year to accurately measure the star's edge.


The smile of the sun appears to us to be a magical presence, but we also need to see the risks behind it. Protecting the earth is everyone's responsibility. Lovely Poo Poo hopes to work together with our customers and contribute our common strength!

The above article information comes from The Guardian and the World Wide Web.