Lovely poo poo is not only an environmentally friendly brand, but also a brand that focuses on romantic details. In addition to being easy to use, the lovely poo bamboo toilet paper also has an ornamental value. The detail pattern on the bamboo paper is beautiful and comfortable to touch.

 In addition, lovely poo poo has discovered that it can be used to make paper roses!

Beautiful Flowers can heal people’s hearts and bring them a pleasant feeling. If you are afraid of trouble, go out to buy flowers inconvenience, that can try at home toilet paper for family members, friends to make a flower will never wither! Let them feel your sincere and warm love in the bamboo paper roses you made!

The detailed tutorial is as follows:

The tools we need in advance for making handmade roses include lovely poo poo bamboo toilet paper, blush or eye shadow, steel clips, twigs, and textured paper. In addition,Lovely poo poo bamboo slip paper is gentle and easy to fold. And the paper rose is best to use green wire branches and beautiful grain paper, so that the effect will be more realistic.

make bamboo toilet paper roses -1


First of all, the bamboo toilet paper folded into Figure 1, this can be more pleated, the petals will be more layered, and then use the steel clip in the middle of the clip as shown in Figure 2.

make bamboo toilet paper roses -2

Next, separate the 3 layers of bamboo toilet paper slowly. Be careful not to break them in the process. Separate the bamboo toilet paper into 6 layers and fold it toward the center as shown in Figure 3.
make bamboo toilet paper roses -3

Moreover, with their favorite eye shadow disk blush disk color, do not have to be pink. The color may choose the color which likes oneself, everybody at will displays. Nars for the flowers and colourpop for the eye shadow.

make bamboo toilet paper roses -4

Finally, with the Vermilion paper to the steel clip and twigs wrapped on it.

In our spare time, let’s make a paper rose out of bamboo toilet paper for our family and friends!