• White shoes get rid of stains
  • The refrigerator except smell
  • Wax Removal
  • Clean the refrigerator seals
  • Frozen Drinks
  • Keep the faucet clean and shiny

Lovely poo poo bamboo toilet paper by FSC authority certification, is 100% bamboo products! Let’s find out more about it in life in seconds!

White shoes get rid of stains

When We Were Young, my mother used to wash our white shoes for us. After washing, she would wrap the white shoes with bamboo toilet paper and dry them in the Sun, you’ll find the stains all over the bamboo toilet paper, and the shoes are as clean as new.

The refrigerator except smell

Lovely poo poo Bamboo toilet paper is thicker than ordinary toilet paper, three-layer strength, 2 times absorption! The refrigerator used for a long time, there will be some strange smell, this time we use daily toilet paper take a roll in the refrigerator inside, slowly will absorb the strange smell, usually once a month to change, out of the damp bamboo toilet paper can also be re-use, used to wipe the kitchen grease, table grease are good.

Wax Removal

 If you have wax on your walls or clothes, cover it with bamboo toilet paper. Then use an electric iron to iron the bamboo paper under the machine. You will soon find that the wax has been absorbed by the tissue.

Clean the refrigerator seals

 The refrigerator seals for a long time will also have a lot of dirt, this time with kitchen paper towels wrapped fruit fork, deep in the gap in the tape, both effective decontamination can prevent tape scratches, other difficult to clear the gap can also be used secondary method.

 Frozen Drinks

 For a quick summer drink, wet the bamboo toilet paper first, then wrap the bottle around it and place it in the fridge to speed up the freezing process.

Keep the faucet clean and shiny

Lovely poo poo bamboo toilet paper wipe ability is stronger, can easily wipe off grease and stains. If the faucet is worn long enough, you’ll notice a lot of stains on it, and you cant scrub them clean, then wrap a tissue around the faucet for a while, and the faucet will be as good as new.

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