How to spend your toilet time efficiently?

How to spend your toilet time efficiently?

On average, each person spends 0.5 hours in the toilet every day. A year is 182.5 hours, nearly 200 hours. How do we spend it? play cell phone? read newspaper? Or why not put your toilet time to good use?

So how to use such fragmented time and how to effectively spend this half an hour in the toilet?

1. Enter the toilet without a mobile phone. 

Mobile phones are the natural enemy of toilet time. Nowadays, many people are inseparable from mobile phones, and they have to play with mobile phones even when they go to the toilet. This will not only prolong the time in the toilet and easily induce hemorrhoids, but also excrement and toilet bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Salmonella, etc. are easily attached to the mobile phone, which is more likely to spread diseases.

2. Memorize the knowledge points of your recent exam

Proficiency in professional knowledge in the workplace, recitation of key knowledge in study, you can use this half hour in life to plan the actions of the day, think about all the things you have to do today, planning your day before you start can help you Manage your time more efficiently.

3. Read a book

Turn your toilet tank into a library! All you need are the books you've always wanted to read, and a shelf for your books, then you need our Toilet Paper Holder from Lovely Poo Poo, don't waste your time on the toilet! And make sure to stock up on Lovely Poo Poo toilet paper for a happy and healthy wipe!

4. Toilet confidence

If you're too busy to go to the gym or don't want to take a walk every day after get off work, try praising yourself in the mirror every day in the toilet, I'm fine, I'm beautiful/handsome, I'm a good and confident person. Boost your self-confidence and start a great day!

5. Meditation

Proper meditation can make people more transparent, and by meditating take advantage of the time you are forced to sit still. Try closing your eyes and listening to your breathing until you're done with your toilet time.

6. Make a holiday shopping list

No matter how busy your day is, going to the toilet must be a priority. Use this time to remember what you need to buy. You can write your list on your phone or order directly online.

Toilet time is our only and rare moment of relaxation, but if we use it effectively, it will be a different experience. Build a toilet time plan with Lovely Poo Poo!

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