If you are preparing to take actions to save our planet, Congrats! Good for you and our planet!! When you start to look around in your room and try to find out which stuff constantly used can be changed to the eco-friendly alternatives, toilet paper is definitely one of those can be changed in your room.


Now there are two types of eco-friendly toilet paper which are very famous in the market, bamboo toilet paper and recycled toilet paper. So, which one you should choose? Let this article help you find out!


Firstwhat is bamboo toilet paper?
Both bamboo toilet paper and the recycled one are tree-free except their main ingredients are totally different. Bamboo toilet paper is like what the name says. It’s made of 100% bamboo. Technically, bamboo is grass. It can grow 10 to 20 times faster than trees. Therefore, it’s sustainable and ultra-renewable. That’s the main reason why bamboo toilet paper is eco-friendly.


Besides, bamboo can survive in different climate. It doesn’t have strict standard of weather and humanity. After being harvested, bamboo doesn’t need to be replanted. Also, because bamboo has the organic anti-fungal, antibacterial agent, so it doesn’t need pesticide or fertilizer.  NRDC indicates that Bamboo products can emit 30% less pollution than those made of virgin fiber.


Bamboo is definitely one of the most sustainable products. However, because the bamboo products start to become more popular, there are some businessmen who choose to destroy hardwood forest to plant more bamboo. Therefore, it is essential to choose the bamboo toilet paper with FSC®-certified like products from Lovely Poo Poo.


Fortunately, bamboo toilet paper is not only sustainable but also offers the following advantages.

Bamboo toilet paper is soft but strong – Bamboo toilet paper can definitely hold you up. Due to the bamboo fiber, it’s super strong and durable. Also, Lovely Poo Poo made it in 3plys, so it’s even more stronger than others.

Bamboo toilet paper is chemical-free – if you have sensitive skin, bamboo toilet paper is definitely the best option for you. Lovely Poo Poo makes this bamboo toilet paper in chlorine-free method with no ink, no dye, and no BPA. It’s Formaldehyde-free and plastic free. You don’t need to worry anything at all.

Bamboo toilet papr is septic-safe – It’s stong, 3plys, but doesn’t mean it will clog your pipe! If you are always worried about your plumbing system now, then use bamboo toilet paper! It’s 100% biodegradable and fast-dissolved in water. It’s the best option for you toilet.


Then what is recycled paper?

Recycled paper is made from recycled pulp. Creating bathroom tissue from recycled paper uses less energy, and pollutes the air and water less than making bathroom tissue from wood. However, the raw components are still derived from trees, and it requires more water to make recycled paper.

As we all know, it takes years for a tree to get mature to the point where it can be utilised to make paper. As a result, the manufacturing of paper towels, whether single-use or not, may add to the demand for deforestation.

Furthermore, dangerous substances such as bleach and pesticides may have been included in the processed used paper. on the route to the landfill before being saved. That implies it must go through a more rigorous process before being consumed.


Based on the content above, hopefully you will know more about toilet paper. We would love to have you in saving the planet together! Check for more information!