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Lovely Poo Poo?Stupid Name!

More and More people talk about our Lovely Poo Poo's Name .Some people joke, some people hate it, and some people like it very much? Yes, the name is very controversial, and it is also the reason why many people are reluctant to try to buy it. ---Lovely Poo Poo? Stupid Name! This is the comment we get the most, but why don't we change the name? Then let me tell you Why……


What Is Lovely  Poo Poo?

Lovely Poo Poo is an American startup based in Spokane, Seattle. Since the company was founded in 2021, we believe in protecting our planet. It is the only Earth, and we believe everyone who lives here has a responsibility to protect and save it. Toilet paper is one of the necessities in our basic life, and virgin pulp has long been the main raw material of this industry. However, due to the high demand, deforestation has become more serious. We are very aware of what humanity is currently facing in this situation and we need to act. Therefore, we chose the most frequently used traditional toilet paper as our target and transformed it into a sustainable green alternative - bamboo toilet paper - our signature product. We choose bamboo as raw material because it is good for customers and environment.

For one thing, it grows ten to twenty times faster than trees. There are no strict standards for its growing environment. No replanting is required after harvesting. These properties help bamboo to be more sustainable as a material. On the other hand, the heavy investment in bamboo fiber and papermaking technology brings strength in softness. We hope that customers will not be able to tell the difference between bamboo toilet paper and traditional toilet paper when using it. Switching from traditional toilet paper to bamboo toilet paper will be a long process. We worked on making it soft enough to dissolve quickly in water, yet strong enough with a 3-layer shield that won't tear when in use.


Why We Called Lovely  Poo Poo?

Recently, we have received many negative comments about my name. We think it is time to tell you guys this story about how we got our name “Lovely Poo Poo”!

It’s from our creative director’s head. He is a huge fan of YouTube and is especially interested in the topic “baby”. At the very beginning of this bamboo toilet paper business, he was so struggling to come up with our name. One day, when he was watching YouTube, the algorithm recommended him a video of Trav and Cro. He watched this super popular (at that time) # PooPoo Dance.

When we first mentioned this name to our boss, our boss didn't like it at all and felt it was inappropriate. But he spent 2 days explaining to our boss where the name came from, how impressive it is, and the deep meaning of Lovely Poo Poo that he was trying to present, and he assured people would understand our name and they would Loved it. Finally our boss said yes and started the whole business with that name. 

It does get pretty impressive...

Unfortunately, as more and more people got to know us, we got more and more negative comments about our name. It's more obvious that people don't really understand the deeper meaning of our name, and they don't accept it (but it's really impressive). Our boss kicked our creative director** (but don't worry, it wasn't painful) and he started to realize that people really didn't understand his talent. But because we have contributed a lot to the name of the brand. So we had to accept it. Now we're thinking when people see our name, they're like ''whattt??', and then they might go to our website out of curiosity to see who we are and why the name. But we're really trying to make the best product possible, so when they see our website, they're like "Hmm, these products look good!", and then they might want to try it and click add to cart button and pay!

In the end, they will have a wonderful purchasing experience with us!

Yes, this is just speculation. Hope it works.


Reasons For That:

First of all, everything has two sides, and our brand name is no exception. Our intuitive expression is to impress customers. I believe you already remember that Lovely Poo Poo mainly sells ECO-FRIENDLY bamboo toilet paper.

Secondly,There are different layers of meanings in Lovely Poo Poo:

  1. Wish people can always have a wonderful (lovely) poo poo experience.
  2. Toilet paper is a necessity whenever they go to the toilet. When they go to the toilet, wish people can remember our bamboo toilet paper brand: Lovely Poo Poo.
  3. “Poo Poo” is mainly used by little kids, we also try to convey the information that no matter how old you are, please maintain childlike innocence, and Live Young.
  4. Little kids also mean SIMPLE. It is exactly like the description of ingredients in making our bamboo toilet paper – simple. Tree-free, fragrance-free, BPA-free, formaldehyde-free, chlorine-free, chemicals-free, 100% bamboo.

Finally,We are fighting for the cause of environmental protection and building the foundation for protecting our earth home. We are just a small force. We look forward to more people joining us. We also hope that whether other people discuss our name or make fun of the products you purchased, they can firmly express our product philosophy and your original purchase intention.

Choosing Lovely Poo Poo Bamboo Toilet Paper is choosing sustainable living, the everyday choices we make that directly impact the global environment and the local communities in which we live. This includes everything we do and every choice we make – such as the products we decide to use in our homes, whether we use sustainable public transport or not, and the food/drinks we consume throughout the day. As a consumer and citizen, you are actively choosing options that reduce your carbon footprint and minimize your use of precious natural resources. ———LOVELY POO POO.

In fact, sustainable living is something we need to constantly reevaluate and optimize in our lives. We will never be perfect and we need to constantly consider new factors or information - but this is something that people need to actively participate in. Therefore, when you purchase and use Lovely Poo Poo bamboo series products, don't feel any shame. We hope to express our products and ideas more intuitively. Hope everyone is impressed.

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