On July 14th, I received a very special email.

“Hi there, My name is Alexis and I’m reaching out from the small town of Pittsfield, Maine. I have 5 beautiful children who are on school vacation. Jordan is my oldest, he’s 13 and the rest are girls I have Kaylee, autumn, Serenity and baby piper. We are struggling, as everyone is right now and we are just trying to keep our heads above water with the rising gas prices and trying to keep food on the table. We are not able to afford our everyday essentials, things like toilet paper are important with our large family and all of the kids being on summer break from school makes it even harder. I decided to reach out and see if you could send some toilet paper to help our family. Maybe a misprinted label or something that was returned.  I would appreciate it so much. I will leave my name and address down below in the case that you are able. Thanks for taking the time to read this message I know it’s long. God bless”

It’s from a stranger who I never heard before. After reading this email, honestly, I was thinking is this real? Is this a spam? I went to ask Google, ask YouTube, try to find if people really use email to try to get help or this kind of email is just a spam or a scam. I spent a very long time to try to get the answer. However, when I was scrolling down the webpage, I was suddenly frozen in front of my laptop. On 2nd thought: What am I doing right now? Why am I so suspicious? Is this world become such a place where is full of lies and no trust at all? 

That’s horrible. That kind of world is not what I want.

 If the story in this email is real and I don’t help them due to my suspicion, they would really struggle for their life. If this email is fake and I help them anyway, the only thing I lost is just few boxes of products which wouldn’t hurt for me (tho it will hurt my feeling). But why don’t I trust them? There is no reason to not trust them. They are just trying to survive in this difficult time and make their children have a better life.

So I contacted our Lovely Poo Poo’s warehouse, told them the address and arranged the delivery (a 48 rolls bamboo toilet paper and a mixed product with 6 rolls paper towels, 12 rolls tp, 12 boxes facial tissue) to help this beautiful family. I truly wish that Lovely Poo Poo can light up their world and bring the hope to this family.

 What I’m trying to say here is that, please, make this world a better place; please, more trust and truth in this world. Lovely Poo Poo is not only trying to make our environment better but also trying to make people’s life better. Like the lyrics of Birdy’s song - People Help People

 “People help people, and if you are homesick, give me your hand and I’ll hold it. People help people, nothing will Drag You Down.”