Since the establishment of Lovely Poo Poo in 2021, we have got lots of support from our customers. We really appreciate it! We are really grateful to have all of us taking action together and saving the planet. In this journey, we also received many concerns, questions, and worries about ourselves. We wish to use our blog to hopefully address these concerns raised by our customers gradually. 


Some people commented below our Facebook page, and they are curious that where on earth our bamboo toilet paper is made. 


We are proud to say we set our operation process in China. There may be lots of concerns or questions. But it is all about our shared strong beliefs. This belief is the determination that invites more people to join us to save our planet and have a better wipe. 


Lovely Poo Poo has positive and close cooperation with bamboo plantations and factory in China. The middle south part of China, which is Sichuan province, has a large number of plantations of bamboo. That’s also the reason that pandas in China are from Sichuan province. Although bamboo can grow in different climate and do not require strict surrounding, the environment, and air humility in Sichuan is keener to Bamboo. Our plantation is in Leshan, Sichuan province, China. High-quality bamboo makes our paper soft but strong. 


We had a serious consideration and comparison and finally decided to start a long-term cooperation with the plantation and factory in China. We always insist to avoid the pollution that is possibly emitted during the making process. Supply Chain in China side has sufficient raw material, so they don’t need to import from any other countries which saves much energy and avoids much pollution during the shipping process. The large size factory, which is willing to follow our requirement about the recycled and eco-friendly package, bamboo toilet paper standard can positively cooperate. Besides, they have much more mature skills and high tech in making bamboo toilet paper, and after testing the trial bamboo paper, we found bamboo toilet paper they made is much better than we ask for and wish for. They are also very flexible and can easily meet what we need. For closer cooperation, we also went to China to visit the factory and environment. We had a really great time and lots of things are so unexpected and surprised. We have learned every detail of the factory with very strict standards. We will follow this strict standard toward our partners wherever they are. Every aspect of the factory is ethical and fair. Because we SEE it, we can guarantee and say our partner is definitely ethical, equal, and fair either toward labor rights or their products, or their working environment. We always think that people should spread true information only if they actually see the truth. Besides, we have our own team of audition and effectively communicate with the factory about everything we require. We are so pleased to have this close and trusted cooperation and we all wish to make a difference in this world.  

Join us and make a better wipe!