For girls, jewelry such as earrings and studs is a must, and there are more and more earrings, so how to store them? If it is not stored properly, it will not be found. How can we solve this problem for everyone?

In fact, you can use the waste toilet paper roll core to make an exquisite earring storage box. It is very convenient to use on the dressing table, and it is also stylish. If you don’t believe me, take a look.

Production Difficulty Factor: 2
Production time: 80min

Materials:Toilet paper core roll, wrapping paper, cotton, kraft cardboard, double-sided tape, ruler, scissors, utility knife, hot-melt glue, carving knife, pencil.

1. Use a ruler to measure the height of the output reel;

2. Draw it on the wrapping paper and cut it out;

Key points: the width of the cut wrapping paper should be wider than that of the paper roll;
3. Paste the wrapping paper around the paper roll;

Key points; must stick evenly;
4. Cut off the excess wrapping paper;
5. Put the paper roll pasted with wrapping paper together and fix them with hot melt glue;

Key points: the shape can be pasted according to the shape you like;
6. Put the bottom of the pasted paper roll on the kraft cardboard, and draw a pattern along the edge of the bottom;
7. Draw two identical patterns:

8. Use a carving knife to cut along the edge of the drawn pattern;
Key points: kraft cardboard is relatively hard, and it can also be cut with hard paper;
9. Put the engraved cardboard on the wrapping paper, draw the wrapping paper to be used along the edge, and cut it out with scissors;

Key points: It is best to cut larger and then trim;
10. Paste the wrapping paper on the cardboard;
11. Paste one of the cardboards on the bottom of the paper tube with hot melt glue;
12. Fill the paper tube with cotton;

13. Cover the other;

The earring storage box is ready, it’s super practical, and you don’t have to worry about not being able to find the earrings anymore. Friends who like it, let’s make it quickly! If you think our video is helpful to you, remember to share it with your friends Friends, share our video together and give us a thumbs up!