It is better to choose water-soluble toilet paper,poopoo paper because the current world is advocating the toilet revolution. When the water-soluble toilet paper with fsc eta is used up, it will be thrown directly into the toilet, and there is no need to put the wastebasket in the toilet.

At present, 90% of the toilet paper in the world is insoluble in water. We have used many kinds of toilet paper products in our lives, but we dare not throw them in the bathroom, because we used insoluble toilet paper to block them at home before, and later found that Lovelypoopoo is soluble. Water toilet paper is hygienic, convenient and environmentally friendly. Many families in the United States are using Lovelypoopoo, and all the bathrooms use water-soluble paper, environmentally friendly tissues and they just throw it into the toilet after using it. They said they had seen similar products on Google, but the poopoo towel was found in a blogger’s article. After seeing the good reviews from netizens, they decided to place an order to buy it. Our customers once joked that otherwise they would How could the advertising language be so explicit and the brand name so funny? 

Some customers once lived in Japan and found that Japanese bathrooms are terribly clean. All the toilet paper is used up and thrown into the toilet. Japanese toilet paper is water-soluble, which will disintegrate even when flushed, and will not clog the toilet. Let me share with you what I know about toilet paper:

  1. Most of the toilet paper we use now is insoluble in water, mainly because some brands of toilet paper have too strong tension and almost no good water solubility, so throwing them into the toilet will cause sewer blockage and bring a lot of trouble to people , so most families will have wastebaskets, and there are many such wastebaskets in domestic public toilets.Our brand 24 roll of toilet paper is the most soft and strong.
  1. LovelyPooPoo toilet paper is very soft and comfortable. In the domestic market, you will see a product with explicit advertising slogan --- A better wipe with your butt. Many customers will buy it and try it out. They feel good and will buy it later. Continuous subscription, no clogged toilets, just like their slogan says that flushing water will not clog toilets, and it is biodegradable. It is a product loved by many environmental enthusiasts, such as RV enthusiasts, camping interest groups... Our product collection We have received many positive reviews from loyal customers.
  1. But not all paper products in the toilet can be thrown away, and things that cannot be thrown into the toilet must not be thrown away, otherwise it will require a large labor cost and funds to unclog the toilet, such as vegetable soup, rubber products, and things that cannot be flushed Toilet paper, diapers, sanitary napkins, wet wipes, etc., must not be thrown into the toilet, otherwise blockage is inevitable.

The total forest area in the world is 3.86 billion hectares, accounting for about 30% of the world's land area.

[1] Forests are mainly distributed in North and South America, northern and southeastern Asia, and near the equator. The country with the richest forest resources is Brazil.

[2] China's natural forests are mainly distributed in the northeast and southwest regions. The southeastern region and Taiwan Island are mainly planted forests. Due to China's large population, the per capita forest area is relatively small. Deforestation, land reclamation and deforestation have caused serious damage to our country's small forest resources. Fires, pests, etc. have also intensified

Destruction of forests. In the face of serious shortage of forests, the protection of existing forest resources is becoming increasingly important.

The forest floor is inhabited by a large number of soil organisms that exhibit a great diversity of species. These are, for example, fungi, bacteria, insects and worms, to name but a few. We need more forests again after we have destroyed 50% of the forests in the last 100 years.

"Protecting forests", that is, protecting forest resources, is a common publicity slogan. Forests are surface biological communities composed of trees as the main body, with rich species, complex structures, and diverse functions.

The forest is organically combined with the abiotic environment in the space to form a complete ecosystem. Forest is the largest terrestrial ecosystem on the earth, an important part of the global biosphere, the gene pool, carbon storage, water storage and energy storage on the earth, and plays a vital role in maintaining the ecological balance of the entire earth. The role of forests is the resources and environment that human beings rely on for survival and development. Humans need to protect forests.

The next decade is also an important decade for WWF to strive for ecological conservation and sustainable development. WWF put forward a "New Consensus on the Harmony between Nature and Man", advocating for the well-being of mankind and the earth, to stop and reverse the decline in biodiversity and restore nature before 2030, so as to achieve sustainable development goals. At the beginning of 2020, we began to record the efforts and attempts made by all parties in society to realize the "ten-year covenant" between man and nature, share expert opinions, pioneering cases and protection stories, and leave a legacy of biodiversity conservation for this decade. footnotes.

Therefore, LovelyPooPoo is committed to making bamboo paper, hoping to promote the concept of protecting the ecology and the earth through this way. Be friendly to your bum and friendly to your bathroom plumbing with Lovelypoopoo products.Lovely poo poo bamboo paper is bamboo toilet paper safe for septic systems.

"toilet paper sale" has always been the most intuitively recognized "forest product" and one of the driving factors for deforestation. Transparency is the basis for building trust, and Lovelypoopoo companies still need to further improve the transparency of their production's impact on the environment. More comprehensive and transparent reporting can bring enormous value, both as a useful risk management tool and as an important role in attracting investment and strengthening one's own bargaining position in the market.