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Who Invented Bamboo Paper?


Toilet paper made of lovely poo poo bamboo is safe and healthy. So do you know who invented bamboo paper in ancient times? Now, take a look at the lovely poo poo.

According to records, the use of bamboo paper was invented in the Tang dynasty, the specific who can not be verified, and more than a thousand years earlier than the west. Although there are many ancient paper mills that have been preserved in China, most of them are hand-restored, or only a few remains remain for people to visit. However, there are many such mills that have been operating all along, such as the Zhongchang paper mill in the hinterland of the Jingshan Mountains in northwest Hubei, it’s rare.

The owner of Zhongchang Paper Mill said that there are 72 processes in paper making. The main production processes are as follows: dry beating, bamboo-retting, wet beating, papermaking, pine paper and drying paper. The whole production process is finished by hand.

Every year in December bamboo is cut down, and paper is made after the Qingming Festival next year. The bamboo is cut into 5-5-inch lengths, soaked in a lime pond for three months, washed away the lime, and then used the stone piles driven by a water truck to make paper powder and descend to the water tank, into pulp. Then “Paper, press dry water, and then back to the home “Loose Paper”, that is, the adhesion of the paper, with a complex fingering. The loosened paper backs are dried outside, and finally shaped and bundled for commercial use. A production cycle takes nine months.

Obviously, the bamboo paper craft’s complexity degree. The Lovely poo poo brand is committed to providing customers with the best bamboo paper, giving you the best use experience. And I hope you’ll continue to believe in and support lovely poo poo in the years to come.

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